How Can I Obtain an Accident Report?

accident report

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know how to get a copy of their car accident report. They think one will automatically be mailed to them. This isn’t the case. Sometimes, getting a copy of the police report requires you to jump through hoops. But no matter how difficult it can be to get that report, a car accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia will need it if you need to sue the other driver.

Getting a copy of the police report may be challenging. However, if you don’t call the police when you get into a motor vehicle accident, you’ll be creating a much bigger problem for your attorney.

Here, we’ll talk about how you can go about getting a copy of your accident report. We’ll also remind you of the steps you need to take immediately following your accident. If you still have questions after reading this article, you can always give us a call. Our office can schedule your free, initial consultation. This will give you a chance to ask any questions you may have – including how you can get a copy of the accident report.

You Need to Call the Police Immediately After Your Atlanta Car Crash

When we’re a teenager and learning how to drive, nobody teaches us what to do if we get into a car accident. Most people who have been driving for a while know they need to call the police immediately after their car accident. Younger drivers aren’t always sure what to do.

If you get into any sort of motor vehicle accident – no matter how minor – you need to follow the 3 steps mentioned below. This will give your car accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia the best chance of getting your claim paid.

  1. The first thing you have to do after your crash is call 911. Whether you want to or not, this isn’t an option. It can be really tempting to just brush it off and agree to exchange insurance information with the other driver. If you do this, you won’t have an accident report at all. This will make it really hard for your lawyer to prove your case.
  2. The second thing you have to do is go to the emergency room. A lot of people just assume they’re okay after their car wreck. It isn’t until hours (or days) later that they realize something is wrong. Your Georgia personal injury lawyer will need proof that you were injured. The only way to do this is to submit a copy of your medical records.
  3. You should call an experienced car accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia as soon as possible after your crash. This way, they can deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. They can also start to gather evidence in case you need to sue.

Why is the Accident Report So Important?

It may seem like common sense, but the accident report is extremely important. When the police come out to the accident scene, they’ll do a thorough investigation. They’ll document their findings in a police report. This accident report can be used to prove that the other driver was at fault. For example, if the cops arrest the other driver for DUI at the accident scene, it will serve as proof that they were negligent.

Car Accident in Atlanta

The other important thing about the police report is that it contains vital information that your attorney can’t get any other way. The accident report includes the following information:

  • The names and contact details for the drivers involved in the crash
  • The drivers’ license, registration, and insurance information
  • The name and contact information for any eyewitnesses
  • A description of the accident scene and road conditions
  • Statements made by the individual drivers
  • Pictures of the crash scene including the damaged vehicles
  • A notation of any tickets that were issued at the crash site (DUI, speeding, driving while suspended, etc.)

There is no way your lawyer can get any of this information if you don’t call the police. Even if you can find a way to track down eyewitnesses, they may not be willing to talk to a lawyer. Most people won’t want to get involved in a stranger’s lawsuit.

You Can Request a Copy of the Police Report Within a Day or Two

Most people don’t want to wait until they hire a car accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia to get their accident report. It’s a good idea to go request a copy within a couple days of your crash. It takes at least this long for it to become available.

There are several ways to request a copy of the police report (accident report):

  • If your accident took place on the highway, the Georgia State Patrol would have responded to the crash. You can go directly to the barracks that issued the report and request a copy. It’s best to go in person. If you ask for them to mail it to you, there’s no telling when you’ll receive it.
  • You can go to the issuing police department’s website and follow the direction listed online. Again, just be careful. If you need a copy of the report quickly, it’s always better to go in person.
  • If your accident didn’t take place on the highway, you’ll need to contact the county where the wreck took place. Your Georgia personal injury lawyer can always do this for you.

Once you have a copy of the accident report, you’ll want to get it to your lawyer. Don’t waste any time doing this. You should also send a copy to the insurance copy. They usually request this on their own. But it’s a good idea to send one in as well.

Reach Out to a Seasoned Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Sooner Rather than Later

As we discussed above, you don’t want to wait too long to meet with your Georgia personal injury lawyer. They can help get a copy of your accident report. They can also talk to the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim. We recommend that you schedule your free, initial consultation as soon as possible after your claim.

Knowing it can take a few days to get a copy of the police report, you’ll want to request it quickly. You’ll need to get a copy to your attorney and the insurance company. If you run into trouble, your attorney can always intervene on your behalf. Since the initial consultation is free, you really have nothing to lose.