How Much is a Speeding Ticket in Georgia?


Have you ever been the victim of a speeding ticket in Georgia? When you are operating a motor vehicle on the road, you owe a duty of care to other drivers. This involves following the traffic rules and regulations. If a driver causes a crash after failing to observe this duty of care, the victim has a valid claim for damages. If you are a victim in a crash like this, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you recover damages.

Even when a traffic violation does not result in an accident, it can come with a wide range of penalties. The nature and severity of the penalties depend on the kind of traffic offense that has been committed.

Speeding is one of the most common types of traffic violations committed by motorists. Every state has its own set of penalties that apply to speeding offenses. Here is a look at the penalties for speeding as defined in Georgia laws.

Points for Speeding

Under Georgia laws, you get points on your driving record for speeding above designated limits a defined in Georgia Code 40-6-181. Apart from the immediate fines and other penalties for speeding, these points can also affect your license privileges and insurance rates. This is particularly the case when you accumulate several points within a brief period.

For speeding in Atlanta or anywhere else in Georgia, you receive the following number of points:

  • If you are driving 15mph to 19mph above the posted limit, you get 2 points
  • If you are driving 19mph to 24mph above the posted limit, you get 3 points
  • If you are driving 24mph to 34mph above the designated limit, you get 4 points
  • If you are driving 34mph or more above the limit, you receive 6 points

Fines for Speeding

In addition to the points earned on your record, you also have to pay fines when charged with a speeding offense. The actual amount of this fine depends on how much you were going above the posted speed limit when you were charged. You are charged:

  • $5 when you are found driving 5mph to 10mph above the posted limit
  • $100 if you are caught driving 10mph to 14mph above the posted limit
  • $125 if you are found driving 14mph to 19mph above the limit
  • $150 if an officer finds you driving 19mph to 24mph above the speed limit
  • $500 if you are speeding 24mph to 34mph above the posted limit

It is important to note here that the actual amount you have to pay following a speeding ticket and fine will be higher. For a $500 fine, for instance, you may end up spending $700 or even more.

Penalties for a Super Speeder

The state of Georgia has a separate Super Speeder Law which defines the penalties for drivers who are found driving at 75mph or more on a two-lane road, or 85mph or more on any road or highway. Under this law, the state will fine the driver a $200 fine in addition to the other fines that a local court or authority may impose.

If you are charged as a Super Speeder, you are required to pay the $200 fine within a period of 120 days. Failure to do so can result in license suspension.

Other Consequence of Speeding

If you have been charged with speeding too many times in a given period, you can end up accumulating too many points on your driving record. This can result in license suspension. You will then need to meet certain requirements, pay fines, and possibly enroll in a designated program to prove that you are a responsible driver before regaining your privileges.

Your insurance company may also review your record and if there are several speeding tickets, the insurer may deem you as a high-risk driver. You may then have to pay higher insurance premium rates on your auto insurance policy.

It is possible to fight a speeding ticket if you think it has been wrongly issued. It is not uncommon for law enforcement officers to make a mistake or fail to meet various legal requirements when stopping you for speeding. This gives you space to fight the ticket and prevent it from becoming a part of your record.

Why Hire an Atlanta Speeding Accident Lawyer?

Speeding offenses are typically committed by drivers operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have been involved in an accident with a speeding vehicle, and the speeding offense of the other driver is proved, it will be easier for you to recover compensatory damages. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your claim with our lawyers.