Injury Claims in Charlotte: 5 Misconceptions

injury claims

Injury claims can be uncertain things since no one can predict when an accident will take place. Thankfully, you can always file a personal injury claim if you suffer injuries due to someone else’s negligent action. Additionally, there’s a chance you will get compensation for your losses if you have a Charlotte personal injury attorney. However, several myths and misconceptions stop people from filing for a personal injury claim and getting the compensation they deserve.

This article explores the top personal injury claims misconceptions you should be aware of. By the end of this article, you’ll find it surprising that some things you thought were facts are simply not true. Furthermore, if you need help with your personal injury case, contact us at Ted A. Greve and Associates. We’ll clarify any doubts you have and provide candid answers to all your questions.

What False Truths Do People Believe About Personal Injury Claims? 

Below we discuss five common misconceptions about personal injury cases.

Misconception 1: It’s Easy Money

Many people believe that personal injury claims are typically easy money. However, it’s only when you make a personal injury claim, and it is successful that you will receive compensation for losses you incurred due to the injury. These losses include wage loss, medical costs, compensation for pain and suffering, and many more.

However, insurance carriers won’t make it easy for you. Therefore, a single call won’t resolve the issue. Your Charlotte personal injury attorney often has to play offense and defense to get you your rightful compensation.

Misconception 2: I Can File Any Time

This misconception is common and causes many people to lose access to their compensation. There’s a statute of limitation on personal injury claims. This time limit defines when you can file a personal injury lawsuit and receive compensation. If you end up filing your lawsuit long after the time limit expires, chances are you’ve lost the case completely. Most personal injury cases in Charlotte, North Carolina, have three years as the time limit for filing a claim. However, there are some cases with shorter time limitations.

Misconception 3: I Will Need To Go to Court With Personal Injury Lawyers in Charlotte

Many people worry that they must end up in court, and they would rather avoid it altogether. The fear of showing up in court is a big deterrent for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. However, the real question is, how many personal injury claims ever make it to court? Most personal injury claims get settled out of court.

There are only a few cases that end up in court, and your Charlotte personal injury attorney will try hard to prevent your case from being one of them. However, there are times when the case goes to court, but the claimant’s presence isn’t necessary. In such cases, personal injury lawyers in Charlotte will represent you using a power of attorney.

Misconception 4: Personal Injury Claims and Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyers Are Too Expensive

Most people think the overall cost of any injury claim is not worth it. This is because they believe that they have to pay expensive legal fees whether their case is successful or not. Most times, the fees they believe it includes are more than they can afford. But that’s not always the case.

Charlotte personal injury attorneys do not collect fees if they don’t win. This means that you only pay fees if the claim turns out successful. In addition, there’s usually a percentage of the compensation your attorney is entitled to. You and the lawyer will agree upon this amount at the beginning of the process.

Misconception 5: The Insurance Company Should Pay for My Medical Bills Immediately

One personal injury claim misconception is that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will immediately pay for medical bills. This misconception is never the case in a personal injury claim. The insurance company will not pay for the medical bills until you reach a final settlement with them. Also, if you file a lawsuit, the at-fault party’s insurer will not pay compensation until the court enters a judgment in your favor.

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