Is Whiplash from a Car Accident Considered a Serious Injury?

Unfortunately for Augusta residents, car accidents occur all too frequently. Statistics from the state of Georgia’s Office of Highway Safety show that at least 3,500 people are critically injured in car crashes each month. Additional data proves that the majority of these crashes are related to speeding. Considering the number of critical car crashes per month, it is safe to infer that minor car crashes occur just as frequently—if not more.  

Injuries sustained in minor car accidents are seemingly non-threatening due to the absence of visible trauma and are often ignored. However, failing to seek medical attention after a minor car accident, or ignoring fleeting symptoms of injury can result in serious long-term effects. For example, whiplash—a fairly common car crash injury—rarely shows signs of trauma immediately after sustaining the injury. If you were recently diagnosed with a car accident-related injury, speaking with an experienced attorney may help you receive compensation for your medical bills.


What Causes Whiplash?

Usually, passengers or back-seat drivers are the victims of whiplash as they are generally in a static or non-moving position, although drivers can sustain a whiplash injury if you are also in a forward-facing static position. After your car receives impact from the rear end, your head and neck are forced backward, while your torso is jolted forward. This causes your spine to form an awkward S-shape, which pushes the soft tissue of your spine together. This coordinated movement occurs within seconds, and symptoms are rarely noticed until after the accident has occurred. Regardless of the severity of the accident, seeking medical attention afterward will increase the chances of a winning injury claim.


What Are the Symptoms?

If you were recently injured in a car accident, and have sustained a whiplash injury, symptoms often include:


  • Neck pain, back pain, and/or stiffness    •Headache
  • Shoulder pain and/or stiffness               •Dizziness
  • Sudden fatigue                                         •Visual disturbances,
  • Arm pain and/or weakness                  •ringing sound in the ears            


Seeking medical treatment after a minor car accident may seem trivial; however, failure to seek a physician’s exam after an accident could result in serious long-term injuries that will be more difficult to treat later. Moreover, treatment for these long-term effects can be costly to you and your family. Long-term effects of an untreated whiplash injury include:


  • Chronic Depression                          • Hostility and Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome         • Drug dependency
  • Problems sleeping


Whom Should I Consult about My Injury?

Fortunately, there are methods to seek compensation for your injury. Consulting with an experienced Augusta, GA auto accident lawyer will help you understand exactly what your case is worth. If you were recently involved in a car, motorcycle, or truck accident, and have sustained an injury, call Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. for a free consultation. We will help you fight for your rights and will work hard to see to it that you are compensated fairly and justly for the injuries you have sustained.

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