Jenkins Co., GA – Four Killed in Crash at Hwy 25 & Gays Hill Church Rd

Jenkins Co., GA – Four Killed in Crash at Hwy 25 & Gays Hill Church Rd

Jenkins Co., GA (May 13, 2024) – Emergency crews were requested at the scene of a major fatal accident that occurred early Saturday morning in Jenkins County. Officials were notified of the accident at around 12:10 a.m. on May 11.

Official reports indicate that two vehicles collided head-on while traveling on Highway 24 near Gays Hill Church Road. Both vehicles were severely damaged in the crash. The second vehicle caught on fire after the impact. A woman and child in the second vehicle sustained fatal injuries, and both were pronounced deceased at the scene. Two additional victims were also fatally injured in the accident. Two of the victims were identified as 62-year-old Lee Johnson and Lynde Johnson. At this time, investigations into the crash are ongoing.

We offer our sympathies to the families of Lee Johnson, Lynde Johnson, and the woman and child killed in this crash.

Fatal Auto Accidents in Georgia

Jenkins Co., GA – Four Killed in Crash at Hwy 25 & Gays Hill Church RdEvery day in Georgia, there are tragic reports of deadly car accidents. Sadly, these events lead to over 1,500 individuals losing their lives annually on the state’s roads. Often, these fatalities occur because some drivers act carelessly by speeding, not paying attention while driving, driving under the influence, or failing to give way to other road users. The unexpected passing of a family member in such an accident can leave a lasting mark on your family, affecting you deeply, both emotionally and financially.

In these devastating situations, it is critical to seek advice from a Georgia wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will work determinedly to help you obtain fair compensation, which can greatly reduce the financial burden you might be facing. After a tragic car accident in Georgia, the surviving family members have the right to ask for compensation for several types of losses. This compensation can include money spent on medical bills related to the accident, funeral and burial costs, the income or financial support the deceased person would have provided, and any damage to property.

Furthermore, the family may be eligible to receive compensation for non-monetary losses. This includes the emotional distress and pain experienced, the loss of guidance or companionship that the parent or spouse would have offered, and the psychological agony the family has to endure. The main goal of claiming these damages is to lessen the financial load on the bereaved family and to seek some form of justice for their immeasurable loss.

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