Why Do Most Car Crash Claims End in Settlements?

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Did you know that most car crash claims settle out of court? When you file a claim for compensatory damages after a car accident, it is typically filed with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. However, insurance companies do not readily pay up damages in such claims. Instead, you are very likely going to face objections and counter-offers from the insurer. At such a time, a Charlotte car accident lawyer can help you deal with the insurance company.

This is because most car crash claims result in a settlement before the case could go to trial. A lawyer representing you can speed up the settlement process and get you damages without losing any time. Although some claims may eventually go to trial, most claims are settled simply because it is convenient for both parties in the following ways.

Quick Resolution of the Claim

When a car crash claim goes to trial, it can take a long time before a final decision is reached. In many cases, a verdict can take up to a year. In more complex claims, a decision may not come until several years after the crash itself. This means that as a plaintiff, you will have to wait for such a long time before you get any damages at all. The insurance company, likewise, has to send its representatives at court hearings and be a part of the process.

A pre-trial settlement is immensely helpful in this regard. It saves time for both parties. If a settlement is reached, an agreement is signed between both parties. You can then receive the agreed-upon amount as a lump sum payment or a structured payment. Either way, you and the insurance company part ways after the settlement money exchanges hands. This can save both parties a lot of time which would otherwise be spent on the trial.

Low-Cost Solution

Litigation, or taking a claim to trial, results in additional costs for both parties. For you, this means that you will have to pay additional legal fees for all the time and effort put into the trial by your lawyer. The insurance company also has to pay its legal counsel for defending the company in the case. These costs can add up as the case drags on. Other costs may include the money spent on getting expert witnesses to testify in the court and expenses on traveling to and from the court.

All of these costs can be avoided by reaching a settlement before taking the case to trial. In fact, even if you get a settlement that is somewhat lower than what you expect to get in a trial, it is worth it because it saves you all the legal costs associated with the trial itself.

Lower Risk

When you take your claim to a court of law, you also have to face many additional risks. New evidence may come to light that can damage your claim, witnesses may come forward who dispute your version of events, the jury may not accept your claim, and so on. You also have to keep your calm and composure throughout the trial in order to avoid saying anything that may be used against you. All of this can get quite stressful.

Negotiating with an insurance company is fraught with far less risks, especially when you have a good lawyer by your side. This is another reason why many plaintiffs choose to settle with an insurance company instead of taking their case to trial.

Preservation of Privacy and Public Image

A settlement allows both plaintiffs and defendants in car crash claims to preserve their privacy and public image. For instance, if an at-fault driver doesn’t want their liability in a car crash claim to become a publicly known matter, they may agree to settle the claim quietly. Similarly, if you don’t want your medical history to become a part of court records during a trial for car crash claims, you may want to settle with the defendant.

How Can a Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer Help You?

If you have been injured in a car crash in Charlotte, it is best to hire a car crash lawyer at the earliest. As noted above, a fair settlement is the optimal solution in most car crash claims. And it is possible only when you have a lawyer by your side that can negotiate with the insurer, counter unfair objections, and prevent you from saying or admitting something that may jeopardize your case.

Here at Ted Greve & Associates, we provide legal representation for victims in Charlotte car accidents. Our lawyers strive to secure the maximum amount of compensation for you. Message us today to discuss your case in more detail.