Does My Motorcycle Require Insurance In North Carolina?

Getting a motorcycle can be an exciting occasion in someone’s life. Getting to feel the freedom of the road is a liberating milestone in someone’s life. Are you required to carry insurance on your motorcycle like you are on a motor vehicle? Most states require motorcycle insurance, and you’re going to want it if you get into an accident. And, if you do get into an accident, a motorcycle crash attorney in North Carolina can help you recover compensation.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance Coverage in North Carolina

North Carolina requires every motorcycle operator to have insurance if they plan on being on the road.

Bodily Injury Liability- $30,000 per person/$60,000 per accident

Property Damage Liability-$25,000

Uninsured Motorist Bodily Liability-$30,000 per person/$60,000 per accident

Uninsured motorist bodily liability is a requirement in the state of North Carolina. It is a good idea to purchase above the minimum requirements due to the fact that motorcycle accidents can cause serious injury and you want to be able to cover any medical stays or rehabilitation that you may need in the event of a crash.

Unfortunately, there are very few insurance companies that offer insurance for motorcycles in the state of North Carolina. Because of the requirement for uninsured motorists, the payouts are often too high for them to maintain business. This is why they prefer not to offer motorcycle coverage.

If you find yourself in an accident with your motorcycle, it is important that you find a North Carolina motorcycle accident attorney to help you with your case and insurance claim.

Common Accidents Sustained by Motorcycle Riders

Being in a motorcycle accident can be a horrifying experience. It is easy for someone to hit a motorcycle if they don’t understand the mechanics of a motorcycle and how one drives. It is also easy for a motorcycle to end up in the blind spot of a car and neither realize it.

It is important to realize that over 80% of motorcycle accidents end up with serious injuries as a result.

Even with a helmet on, it is still possible to end up with injuries to the head. Concussions and traumatic brain injuries are serious injuries that can occur if there is any impact to the head. Traumatic brain injuries can cause long term problems with cognitive abilities.

Common injuries are broken bones, facial fractures, and road rash. Road rash is more than just a scrape. If it is not treated properly it can become infected, causing serious health issues. Many motorcycle accidents can actually cause disfigurement and disability if they are debilitating enough.

What to Do If You Are in An Accident?

Hopefully, if you are ever in an accident while riding your motorcycle it is minor. Even if the accident is minor you need to make sure that you follow the proper accident protocols like you would if you were driving a vehicle but with one exception. Regardless of how minor you think it may be, you need to be checked out by a medical professional.

Make sure after the accident someone is calling the police. There should be a police officer present to document the accident and to take statements. You will need their report for your insurance company’s claim. Have pictures taken of the accident and surroundings so that you can present them with your accident claim.

If you sustained even minor injuries like scrapes and bruises, make sure that you are taking pictures of those as well. Also, if you have more serious injuries, the medical examiner should document them thoroughly for use in your claim.

Make sure that you get a lawyer to help you with your claim. If there is even the slightest possibility that you will need to file a personal injury claim against the driver that hit you, then you will need experienced legal counsel to make sure you get compensated as you deserve.

Once you have filed your claim with insurance, it is their duty to respond to you within a certain period of time. If they are not contacting you the way that they should be, then it could be grounds for a suit against them as well. This is one of the categories under bad faith insurance, which your personal injury and motorcycle accident lawyer can cover as well.

You are already a victim because of an accident while riding your motorcycle and you are struggling to get your claim paid, don’t settle for having to wait. A motorcycle accident law office in Charlotte can expedite your claim by making sure that everything is in order when it gets submitted.

They can also make sure that your injuries and pain and suffering are taken care of too in a personal injury suit if insurance is not enough to cover it. Don’t let the insurance company dictate how and when your injuries should be handled. Get a free consultation today.