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NC 54 is not just a state highway, but it is also considered a semi-urban traffic artery in the NC Research Triangle. It is no surprise that many accidents happen on this road, caused by such factors as distracted driving, speeding, and road hazards.

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About North Carolina Highway 54

NC 54 starts in western Burlington and then goes through Graham, Carborro, the Research Triangle Park, Morrisville, and Cary before finally arriving at its eastern terminus in Raleigh. It travels on or along many different roads all throughout, notably NC 49 and NC 87 in Graham, Chapel Hill Road in Burlington, Cary and Morrisville, and Hillsborough Street in Raleigh. NC 54 is also noted for crossing I-40 four times, which is more than the nearby routes do.

North Carolina Highway 54 Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents on highways like NC 54 are often devastating. In recent years, incidents on this road included a crash between a school bus and a scooter, as well as a fatal single-vehicle car wreck. In a public workshop held in Chapel Hill, it had been suggested that a portion of NC 54 was indeed prone to accidents and should be categorized as a “High Crash Area”.

Though highway accidents seem common, each one still presents a huge burden for the injured victims and the families of those who died. Not only do they face physical, financial, and emotional suffering, they also need help in their legal fight for justice. Pinpointing the liability alone can already be a tricky undertaking—especially since road accidents can result not just from driver errors, but also defective vehicles and dangerous road conditions.

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