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I-485, a nearly completed beltway, is considered to be the first “true” loop around Charlotte, NC. Serving North Carolina’s largest city, the interstate has unsurprisingly hosted a number of motor vehicle accidents over the decades.

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About Interstate 485

Though I-485 has existed since 1988, its completion as a beltway is expected to occur in December 2015. Currently, only its western, southern, and eastern sections are open to traffic, even though it already spans across locations such as Charlotte, Huntersville, and Matthews.

I-485 starts at NC 115 (Old Statesville Road), then runs west until it crosses I-77. It then turns south until after it crosses I-85. From here, it travels counter-clockwise, intersecting again with I-85 and I-77. The final segment is still being built, and it will complete the loop from I-77 to I-85.

Interstate 485 Accidents

Vehicle accidents have occurred on I-485, especially in recent years as construction work is still being done on the highway. Some of the more recent accidents on this interstate include a multi-vehicle wreck that caused life-threatening injuries and a drunk-driving crash that sent a victim to the hospital.

Serious injuries, such as concussions, broken bones, and brain/spinal cord damage, are unfortunately common results of highway accidents. In severe cases, fatalities can also occur.

Both injured victims and the loved ones of decedents should keep in mind that if their accident was due to the fault of another individual or entity, then they may be entitled to compensation for their losses. While a negligent driver is usually at fault, there could also be other liable parties, such as the manufacturer of a defective car or the public agency that failed to design a safe road.

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