US Route 70 Accidents

US Highway 70 is a major route serving the southern and southwestern parts of the United States. It runs from Arizona to North Carolina, and particularly in NC, it is one of the significant highways connecting many cities.

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About US 70 in North Carolina

US 70 crosses from Tennessee to North Carolina concurrent with US 25. North of Asheboro, it splits off from US 25 and goes through towns from Marion to Salisbury. It then heads northeast, passing through the cities of Greensboro, Burlington, Durham, and Raleigh. After Raleigh, the highway travels east-southeast, is carried by the Clayton Bypass and goes through several more towns in eastern NC. It then arrives at its east end in the town of Atlantic.

North Carolina US 70 Accidents

US 70 is one of North Carolina’s more important highways, and with the amount of activity on this road, the occurrence of motor vehicle accidents here are almost inevitable. In recent months, accidents on the NC segment of US 70 include an overturned 18-wheeler truck and a car crash that resulted in serious injuries.

Highways like US 70 are common sites of vehicle accidents because there are varied possible causes present. Many drivers on such roads travel long distances, making them prone to fatigue and distraction. Vehicle parts may also malfunction, and even the road itself, when poorly maintained, can lead to crashes. These cases may be traced to the negligence of a certain party, and this can entitle the victim and his or her family to be compensated for injuries, deaths, or other damages.

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