US Route 74 Accidents

US 74 is a United States highway in Tennessee and predominantly in North Carolina. In NC, it is an important highway connecting several major cities and allowing transport from the mountains to the sea.

With all its bustling activity, US 74 has hosted numerous vehicle accidents. People who have suffered from such accidents trust Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. to help them obtain compensation for their injuries. For a free consultation, call 1-800-375-9190.

About US 74 in North Carolina

US 74 crosses the Tennessee state line and enters North Carolina concurrent with US 64. It starts to cross the southern portion of NC, sharing concurrency with other highways like US 19, US 129, US 441, and US 23. As it proceeds, it passes through cities like Asheville, Shelby, Gastonia, Charlotte, and Wilmington. Finally, the highway arrives at a north dead-end in Wrightsville Beach.

North Carolina US 74 Accidents

Being an important thoroughfare, there are frequent motor vehicle accidents on US 74. In North Carolina alone, more recent accidents on this highway include a fatal wreck involving a truck, and another fatal head-on car crash.

Highways such as US 74 can be more prone to accidents, especially because many of the vehicles here travel long distances and at considerable speeds. In fact, driver fatigue and speeding are some of the top causes of highway crashes, alongside drunk driving, defective vehicle parts, and poor road design or maintenance. The results are often devastating: Fatalities and serious injuries like brain or spine damage, broken bones, and internal organ damage.

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