North Charleston, SC – Brad Grimes ID’d as I-26 Crash Victim

North Charleston, SC – Brad Grimes ID’d as I-26 Crash Victim

North Charleston, SC (March 15, 2024) – The Charleston County coroner’s office confirmed that 37-year-old Brad Grimes died as a result of the motor vehicle accident reported on Monday morning in North Charleston. Authorities were called to the scene of the incident at around 7:45 a.m. on March 11.

According to reports provided by the South Carolina Highway Patrol, at approximately 10:55 p.m. on March 10, a 2020 Omaha motorcycle was involved in a collision with an unknown number of vehicles on Interstate 26. The impact of the crash caused the motorcyclist, identified as Grimes, to be ejected near Aviation Road. It was not until the morning that a passerby located Grimes on the side of the road was severe injuries. Authorities responded to the scene and pronounced him deceased. At this time, the South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating.

We offer our condolences to the family of Brad Grimes.

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in South Carolina

North Charleston, SC – Brad Grimes ID’d as I-26 Crash VictimFatal motor vehicle accidents are frequent occurrences in South Carolina, with motorcycles often involved in these incidents. In the United States, thousands of motorcyclists end up losing their lives as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Many of these accidents occur right here in South Carolina. Due to their lack of protection, motorcycle riders are especially vulnerable to sustaining severe injuries. Unfortunately, negligent drivers contribute to many of these accidents, resulting in devastating consequences.

Various factors commonly contribute to fatal collisions throughout South Carolina, including:

  • Fatigue: Exhausted drivers often struggle to maintain control of their vehicles.
  • Aggressive driving: Reckless behaviors, like tailgating or weaving between lanes, pose serious risks to other road users.
  • Poor road conditions: Collisions frequently stem from inadequate road maintenance, such as broken surfaces, debris-covered roads, or obstructions.
  • Mechanical failures: Brake or accelerator malfunctions can lead to catastrophic accidents.
  • Inexperienced drivers: Lack of driving experience can lead to poor decision-making in critical situations.

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal car crash caused by another driver’s negligence, your family has legal avenues to pursue justice. Seeking assistance from a wrongful death attorney in South Carolina can offer the financial relief needed during this challenging period. Your attorney will work to secure compensation for funeral expenses, burial costs, lost income potential, and more. Acting quickly is essential to safeguarding your legal rights.

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