Everything to Know About Pedestrian Safety in Charlotte

pedestrian safety

There are numerous reasons why road safety measures, especially pedestrian safety, should always be a priority for Charlotte residents. Unfortunately, pedestrians are more likely to die in traffic crashes than other road users. Six thousand two hundred five (6,205) pedestrians died in traffic accidents in 2019. If pedestrian accident victimsucky enough to survive after an accident, they’ll likely end up with severe injuries that require hospitalization. In many cases, they’ll also need a Charlotte personal injury lawyer’s help to recover their massive financial and property losses.

It’s always better to prevent a pedestrian accident than to attempt to control the damage after the crash. That’s why every pedestrian must observe all best practices to reduce their risks of becoming accident victims. Since motorists are responsible for most pedestrian accidents, they also have a role in pedestrian safety.

So, we’ve dedicated this article to show you how you can contribute to keeping pedestrians safe on the road. You’ll also learn what to do when someone else causes your pedestrian accident.

Common Risk Factors That May Cause Fatal and Non-Fatal Pedestrian Crashes 

The CDC mentions the following factors as increasing the risk of pedestrian crashes and fatalities in the USA:

  • Age 

CDC reports that 20% of all pedestrian deaths and 10% of all pedestrian injuries in 2017 were 65 and older. In the same year, one in every five under-15 child traffic fatalities were pedestrians.

  • Drunk Drivers and Pedestrians

One person dies every 52 minutes from drunk-driving accidents in America. Many of such fatalities are pedestrians. Drunk motorists and pedestrians pose huge risks on the road because their cognitive impairment stops them from making rational decisions.

  • Vehicle Speed 

Driving above the recommended speed limits can increase the severity of a pedestrian’s injuries upon collision. It also increases the risk of pedestrian fatalities.

  • Urban Areas and Non-Intersection Locations

In 2019, 82% of pedestrian deaths happened in urban areas, while 22% were at intersections. However, according to the CDC, non-intersection locations also pose risks to pedestrians.

  • Time 

The majority of pedestrian crashes and deaths happen on Saturdays and at night or in dark places.

Essential Safety Tips for Charlotte, NC, Pedestrians 

Charlotte pedestrians can protect themselves from road crashes by adhering to the following pedestrian safety instructions:

  • Use Designated Crosswalks and Intersections 

As much as possible, only cross at specified crosswalks or intersections. Most times, pedestrians have the right of way at those locations.

  • Increase Your Visibility at Night

Remain as visible as possible on the roads, especially at night or in dark locations. You can do this by wearing bright and colorful clothing, using a flashlight, etc.

  • Make Use of Sidewalks 

Always make use of sidewalks whenever they’re available. If there are no sidewalks, stay as far away as possible from the road, facing traffic.

  • Avoid Distractions and Don’t Walk While Drunk 

Don’t wear headphones or operate your smart devices on the road. It’s also important not to walk on the road when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Maintain a Clear Roadway

Avoid obstructing traffic flow by standing, sitting, lying, or other static activity on the road.

Vital Safety Tips for Drivers in Charlotte, NC 

Charlotte motorists can avoid hitting pedestrians by following these safety rules:

  • Yield to Pedestrians When Necessary 

You’re often expected to yield the right of way to pedestrians, especially at crosswalks and intersections. Also, don’t pass vehicles at crosswalks.

  • Don’t Drink and Drive 

Make alternative arrangements for transportation if you’ll be out drinking. Never be behind the wheels when you’re drunk or impaired by drugs.

  • Avoid Speeding 

Speeding gives you less time to react to unexpected situations. In addition, it also increases the severity of a crash.

  • Be Extra Alert at Night 

Be extra cautious when driving at night or in poorly lit places.

  • Always Watch Out for Children 

Children aren’t as attentive to the road as teenagers and adults. So always be on the lookout for them, especially in school zones and playgrounds.

Did a Negligent Driver Cause Your Pedestrian Accident? Contact Accident Lawyers in Charlotte, NC, Now!

While observing pedestrian safety tips isn’t a no-accident guarantee, it can significantly reduce your risk of death in a crash. More so, it places you on the right side of the law and makes you eligible for compensation. A quality pedestrian accident lawyer can make that happen in little time.

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