Personal Injury Basics for Augusta, Georgia

There are a variety of personal injury cases in Augusta, Georgia and in states all over the country. Many people fail to realize that personal injury cases cover different types of injuries and there are many not dealing with “injury” to an actual person. The laws regulating fault vary according to the type of case so many attorneys just focus on a few specific types. Even though they differ by type, all of them are subject to civil litigation.

If you are in an accident, the first step you should take after the injury is to get medical attention. After getting treatment for your injuries, you need to file your claim with the appropriate insurance carrier and document any and all wounds. You also need to keep a record of all medical appointments you have and how much you spent on medical bills and medication. Medical records are great proof of injury for litigation cases. Never delay going to see a physician as your injuries may become worse without appropriate care.

Augusta, Georgia Insurance Variations

The majority of injuries and accidents in Augusta, Georgia and other areas will receive coverage from at least one type of insurance. Car insurance for example, covers the actual car damages and some medical expenses. Occasionally, it will pay for legal expenses if you’re a party of a lawsuit. There are steps you should take if you are in an accident involving bodily injury. When injured in an accident like a slip and fall on someone’s property, you should first:

  1. Seek medical attention. Your health should be your first concern. If you are able to get up safely after a fall, do so. Regardless of whether or not you feel hurt, go to see a doctor or to the emergency room.
  2. Notify the property owner or manager as soon as possible. Let them know what happened and where on their property. You need to have a record of what happened to you and where.
  3. Take pictures of what you slipped or tripped over. If you are with a friend or family member, get them to document the spill or faulty sidewalk.
  4. See if you can work with the owner of the property to get your medical bills paid. You will need to contact their insurance carrier and provide documentation of your injuries, and medical treatment.
  5. Contact a personal injury attorney to intervene on your behalf to avoid bickering with property owner.

Proving the Owner is at Fault in your Augusta, Georgia Slip and Fall Case

You will need to prove the owner knew a hazardous situation was present in your Augusta, Georgia slip and fall case. To seek legal action, you also have to avoid any instances that may cause you harm or injury. In this case, if there is water on the floor, you should go around it or avoid walking on damaged sidewalks. To prove your case, you will need to show:

  1. It was the fault of the property owner/manager that the hazardous condition exists;
  2. The owner/manager was aware of the problem but did nothing to fix it;
  3. The hazard was present for a substantial amount of time and the owner/manager should have located and corrected the issue before your fall.

The main issue for you to prove to hold a property manager/owner responsible is by their negligence and failure to rectify the hazardous condition they should have foreseen a chance for danger.

In Augusta, Georgia, Who is Responsible if You are Injured on Their Property

For you to recover from your slip and fall accident on someone’s property in Augusta, Georgia, there must be an owner/property manager whose negligence is what caused your accident. It may sound simple, but it truly isn’t. Many accidents are the result of your own carelessness. So in other words, if you aren’t paying attention when you fall, you can’t make someone else responsible for it.

If you are hurt on a commercial property, like a restaurant, store, or other business, you must prove the owner/manager or a staff member:

  • Must have created the slippery condition, spill, or defective area in the floor;
  • Knew about the hazard and did nothing to correct it;
  • Should be aware of the condition because a normal person taking care of the property could not miss the hazardous area.

Another way to prove your slip and fall case is the “common sense” law, which simply states the owner/manager of the property needs to exercise caution to keep their property in good condition. If you fall on a commercial property, you can seek damages from any or all individuals affiliated with the property.

Personal Injuries on Augusta, Georgia Government, and Residential Properties

A slip and fall on residential property, like your apartment building, may allow you to seek damages from your landlord for your injuries. To hold your landlord responsible, you must show that:

  • Your landlord was responsible for the hazard that leads to your injury;
  • A repair of the premises is not hard or expensive to remedy the hazard;
  • A severe injury was imminent if the hazard wasn’t corrected;
  • The property manager’s lack of response to correct the issue left the door open for your injury.

Slipping and falling on government property in Augusta, Georgia, can be tricky. Most federal, local, and state facilities are subject to special circumstances. Strict rules, posted notifications, and wide-reaching immunity prevent government facilities from having to pay for damages for injuries on their property.

The best way to determine if your slip and fall case warrants legal action is to consult with an experienced legal professional.

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