Rollover Accidents in Charlotte: Prevention and Next Steps

rollover accidents

We see various examples of rollover accidents in movies, where the vehicle turns over multiple times before coming to a halt. That’s what can happen when there is a rollover car accident. However, rollover accidents do not rank very high in prevalence compared to the other motor vehicle collisions in Charlotte, NC.

Their effects, however, seem to trump those of the others, especially in the number of recorded fatalities. If you by any means get injured in a rollover car accident, a North Carolina car accident lawyer is in the best position to help you make the best decisions. We will shortly discover why rollovers occur, how to prevent them, and the course of action anyone who gets injured from them should take.

What Are Rollover Car Accidents?

As the name suggests, rollover car accidents are a type of traffic collision where cars flip or turn over forward or on their sides. While no car is immune to rollovers, some vehicles are more likely to do so than others. For example, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have shown a higher than average propensity for rollovers.

Car rollover accidents could either be single or multiple vehicle accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that single-vehicle rollover accidents produce more fatal outcomes. So let’s see the difference between single-vehicle and multiple vehicle rollover accidents.

Single Vehicle Rollover Accidents

Single vehicle rollover accidents involve only one vehicle, which is the car that suffers the rollover. There is no collision or any form of contact with another car that will cause the accident. Single vehicle rollover accidents happen when there is a “trip.” That is, the vehicle collides with an obstacle on the road that has enough force to cause the car to turn over. These obstacles could be curbs or pavements that are not smooth. Single-vehicle rollovers can also result from excessive speed, poor steering control, and friction.

Multiple Vehicle Rollover Accidents

Rollover car accidents can also occur when there is a collision between two vehicles or more. The force of the crash or the weight of one or both vehicles can cause one or both vehicles to tip over.

Preventing and Mitigating Rollover Car Accidents

Many instances of rollover car accidents are occasioned by the carelessness of drivers. Most of these collisions could have been prevented if certain precautions had been followed. Here are some safe driving practices that can reduce the incidents of car rollovers.

  • Abstain From Driving Under the Influence

Drugs and excessive alcohol intake suppress the driver’s ability to maintain control of the car during an emergency. Collision avoidance maneuvers, which are attempts to evade a crash, are more successful when the driver is alert and composed.

  • Wearing of Seat Belts

NHTSA records show that nearly three-fourths of persons who died from rollover accidents did not use their seat belts. In addition, less than two-thirds of persons who died from rollover accidents without seat belts were ejected from the vehicle. Without seat belts, occupants of a car that rolls over will get tossed about the vehicle. Every toss will lead to impact, and the greater the number of impacts, the greater the risk of death or severity of the injury.

  • Don’t Overspeed

Most rollover crashes happen in rural areas and on roads with 55 miles per hour speed limits. Vehicle rollovers are more likely to take place at high speeds. Driving at high speed is especially dangerous when in unfamiliar terrain because the driver will have little or no time to spot and avoid obstructions and uneven surfaces. It is safer to drive slowly around curves or bends to not skid off the road and roll over sideways.

What Can a Charlotte Auto Accident Lawyer Do for You?

If you get injured in a rollover car accident, you shouldn’t be left alone to bear the costs. The at-fault party should take responsibility for their actions. An auto accident lawyer will look into the accident and help you get compensation.

At Ted A. Greve and Associates, we understand that car accident victims could fall prey to insurance companies if they aren’t well protected. But, over the years, we have, through our sterling track record, shown that an experienced auto accident attorney can make a big difference in recovering compensation.

Our Charlotte car accident lawyers will protect your rights and ensure you don’t get cheated. In addition, we handle your case without an upfront fee and only get paid when we win. So contact us now to schedule a free consultation and leave the rest to us.