Seat Belt Injuries Caused by Auto Accidents

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Seatbelt injuries can occur during auto accidents, although it’s important to note that wearing a seatbelt significantly reduces the risk of severe injuries and fatalities in car crashes. Our Gastonia, NC personal injury lawyer can confirm this. While seatbelts are designed to protect occupants, they can occasionally cause certain types of injuries due to the forces involved in a collision. Here are some common seatbelt-related injuries:

Contusions and Bruises

These are the most common injuries associated with seatbelts. The force of the collision can cause the seatbelt to compress against the body, resulting in bruises and contusions around the shoulder, chest, and abdomen.

Soft Tissue Injuries (STI)

The sudden stopping motion during a crash can strain or tear the soft tissues in the neck, chest, and abdomen. This can lead to sprains, strains, or even internal organ damage.  STI’s are often way more devastation long term.  They often never heal or heal slowly and poorly with internal “scar” tissue.  

Rib and Sternum Fractures

The pressure exerted by the seatbelt can cause fractures in the ribs or sternum (breastbone). These injuries are more likely in severe accidents and can be painful and slow to heal.

Shoulder Injuries

Seatbelts crossing the chest and shoulder can put significant force on the shoulder joint during a collision. This can result in dislocations, fractures, or other injuries to the shoulder, including rotator cuff tears.


Seatbelts can restrict the movement of the torso while the head is still free to move, potentially leading to whiplash injuries. Whiplash occurs when the head suddenly jerks forward and backward, causing strain on the neck muscles and ligaments.

Internal organ injuries such as spleen, intestine, liver, etc. 

It’s important to remember that while seatbelt injuries can occur, they are generally less severe than the injuries that would result from not wearing a seatbelt in a crash. Wearing a seatbelt properly, with the lap belt positioned low over the hips and the shoulder belt across the chest and shoulder, remains crucial for personal safety while driving.

If you have been in an accident and you have injuries due to the use of a seat belt it is important to seek medical attention promptly after an auto accident to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment of any injuries.  Medical attention should be with a qualified medical provider that knows how to care for you and who knows about insurance claims.  Not all doctors want to get involved with insurance claims; and for those who do not, they can seriously damage your bodily injury claim.  We will help you find the right doctor for the type of injury you have sustained.  Picking a doctor at random is a sure recipe for insurance claim issues.  

Early detection and treatment intervention of an injury is critical to assure the best healing outcome.  The medical/scientific literature is full of research on why this is so, but you must evaluate, treat and get proper legal representation.  As a doctor who represents injured people, I know injuries.  I treated thousands of accident injuries, and now I represent them in the legal arena.  I fight for you and never for insurance companies.  Call us if you need our help.  Our staff at Ted A. Greve & Associates, PA is highly trained to help you every step of the way.  The call to and consultation with my office are free.  Call 1-800-333-4333 24 hours a day so that we can help start you on the way to health, and insurance claim, recovery.