Someone Rear-Ended My Car! What Happens After a Georgia Tailgating Car Accident

Many auto accidents could have been prevented if one or two parties were diligent in exercising caution while driving on the road. One of these preventable actions is tailgating. Tailgating, or driving too close to another vehicle, could very easily cause a rear end collision. Many of these collisions result in property damage, physical injuries, and costly lawsuits. One of the most important things to know about a tailgating car accident in Augusta, Georgia is how to determine fault and how to make sure that you are compensated fully for damages.

The fact that someone rear-ended your car means that you will have to take necessary steps to obtain timely medical attention. Once you have your injuries addressed, you should seek the trusted counsel of a committed car accident lawyer who can help you receive compensation for your medical expenses.

Determining the At-Fault Party in a Tailgating Car Accident in Augusta, Georgia

When a rear end collision happens, the driver in the back is usually determined to be at fault. After all, traffic rules demand that a safe distance must be maintained by vehicles at all times on public roads and highways. This safe distance rule is especially important in instances of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Many drivers who rear-end another are usually neglect to observe this safe distance because they were driving aggressively, rushing to their next destination, or distracted driving. Distracting driving and ignoring traffic laws are serious offenses, If someone rear ended your car in Augusta, Georgia, then they must pay for this negligence and breach of duty of care.

With that said, there are cases where the driver of the vehicle in front is the one liable for a rear end collision. If the accident occurred because the vehicle ahead did not have working brake lights or because the driver failed to signal prior to changing lanes, then that driver will be held liable for the accident.

Someone Rear-ended My Car in Augusta, Georgia: What to Do Next?

After a rear end collision takes place, it is important for you to check whether anyone has been hurt or if the vehicle has sustained significant damages. You must seek medical attention as soon as necessary and report the incident to a traffic enforcer or police authorities. You will also need to obtain the personal information and other pertinent details of the other party involved in the tailgating car accident.

In Augusta, Georgia, drivers are mandated by law to obtain insurance coverage in case they hurt another in a collision or end up causing significant damage to property. If someone rear-ended your car in Augusta, you can file a compensation claim against the insurance company of the other driver. You may do this through your own insurance company, or you may file directly with the insurance carrier of the negligent driver in a rear-end collision.

If the other party’s insurance company contests this, then you may file a lawsuit in a civil court to seek compensation.

Should I Hire a Lawyer if Someone Rear-ended My Car in Augusta, Georgia?

Due to the complex laws that operate in the state regarding traffic accidents such as a rear-end collision, it is important that you consult with a lawyer immediately after a tailgating car accident.

Georgia is one of those states that follow the modified comparative fault system, specifically the 50% Bar Rule. Anyone who seeks compensation in Augusta, Georgia, therefore, should be responsible for the rear end collision at only 49%. If his or her negligence reaches to 50% or more, then they will not be able to recover.

If someone rear ended your car in the state, you need to seek the help of a trusted lawyer right away. A tailgating car accident can be difficult to deal with, especially without the counsel of a committed attorney. Based on the information you provide and their own investigation, your attorney will be able to tell you what percentage of fault you hold for your tailgating car accident.

Get Trusted Legal Help from Ted A. Greve & Associates if Someone Rear-Ended Your Car in Augusta, Georgia

A rear end collision is the last thing you would want to happen if you know you have been exercising due care while driving. Unfortunately, traffic mishaps such as a tailgating car accident do happen in the state of Georgia. And when they do, you have to be prepared to take all the necessary legal steps.

If someone rear ended your car in Augusta, Georgia, talk to us. Our car accident lawyers in Augusta at Ted A. Greve & Associates are ready to listen to you, learn the facts of your case, and present the most feasible options to help you recover from your damages. Send us a message today so we can start working on your tailgating car accident case.