How to Sue Someone After a Car Crash in Georgia?

sue someone-for-car-crash

If you have suffered a car crash in Augusta, GA, you may naturally wonder if you can sue someone for the losses you incur. It is certainly possible with the help of a good Atlanta car accident lawyer.

A car crash may result in injuries, property damage as well as other forms of losses for which you could sue someone. Injuries typically result in medical costs such as doctor’s fees, expenses on tests and procedures, medication expenses, and so on. Property damage can also be a substantial amount, requiring you to have your vehicle repaired or even replaced in worse cases.

All of these can quickly add up, so it makes a lot of sense to seek compensatory damages from the liable party. Typically, you have many options for recovering compensation when you suffer crash-related losses. This includes the option to sue someone. Here’s a look at each of these options in detail.

Your Own Insurance Company

The first option you have after a car accident is to seek compensation from your own insurance company. Georgia requires all drivers to have auto insurance. The minimum auto insurance requirements as per the state laws are as follows:

  • $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident minimum bodily injury liability
  • $25,000 per person minimum property damage liability

When you carry auto insurance as per these laws, you can ask your own insurer to cover your losses. However, this may not be convenient for a variety of reasons. For instance, if the other driver’s negligence caused the accident, you may want to hold the other driver accountable. This is where you can avail the second option.

The Other Driver’s Insurance Company

When another driver is at fault in a car accident that resulted in losses for you, you can file for compensatory damages with the other driver’s insurance company. If the driver is carrying insurance and fault is clear, the insurer is obliged to pay you damages.

However, this is not always easy. Sometimes, the other driver may have no insurance at all. When this is the case, you simply don’t have the option of filing with an insurer. In other cases, a driver may have insurance but it may not be sufficient to cover your losses. These drivers are known as underinsured or uninsured motorists.

You can protect yourself against such instances by purchasing UIM coverage with your auto insurance policy. UIM coverage is optional although you must give it in writing that you don’t want it if you wish to opt-out of it.

It is also possible that the other driver is sufficiently insured to pay for your damages but you are still unable to recover compensation. This happens when the other driver’s insurer starts bringing up unfair objections or simply prolongs the process in order to delay the payment. Many car crash victims tend to go to the third option when this is the case.

A Civil Lawsuit

A civil lawsuit is typically the final choice of car crash victims to sue someone. If you have suffered losses in an auto accident, you have this option. It is often the only option if the other driver has no or insufficient insurance. However, when you decide to sue the other driver for a car crash, the stakes are a lot higher. A lawsuit is more complex than an insurance claim, so you need to be prepared to undergo the legal process to sue someone.

This is where you absolutely need to help of a qualified car accident attorney. A good attorney can help you explore other options as well and see if the lawsuit can be used as leverage to reach a suitable settlement.

Hiring a Reliable Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

If you have been in a car crash in Atlanta, it is imperative to consult an attorney at the earliest if you’re planning to sue someone. Here at Ted Greve Associates, our lawyers are highly experienced in personal injury cases, especially those pertaining to car crashes. Whether you want to seek compensation from your own insurer, the other driver’s insurer, or through a lawsuit, we can help you.

When you decide to go with a lawsuit, many legal requirements must first be met. These improve your odds of winning the lawsuit. Our attorneys also help you determine whether the other driver’s assets are enough to make a lawsuit worth it. If you or a loved one has suffered losses in an accident, reach us today to discuss your case and get the ball rolling.