If Your Augusta Truck Accident Lawyer Can Show that the Truck Driver Violated the Federal Hours Limits, Will You Automatically Win Your Case?

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Sometimes a truck accident lawyer knows best. There are all sorts of special laws that govern commercial truck drivers. Most of these are federal rules governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They set the rules that govern how many hours a truck driver can work before they need to take a break. They also set the standard for what types of logs and records a truck driver must keep. For example, trucks need to weigh in a certain number of times per shift.

If they’re found to be carrying too heavy a load, they can be fined. They can even be suspended. Their employer will also be cited for allowing one of their drivers to drive a truck that’s overloaded. If a trucker is cited following your truck accident, you need to call an experienced Augusta truck accident lawyer.

The FMCSA dictates a lot of other rules regarding commercial drivers. We’ll talk about these a bit more below. If you or your loved one have been injured in a tractor-trailer accident, you need help. A skilled truck accident attorney in Augusta can help do this.

What are the Federal Regulations Regarding Commercial Truck Drivers?

It would be impossible to cite all of the federal rules targeted at commercial truck drivers. There are huge books and websites that can do this for you. However, there are a few worth mentioning. These are the rules that typically have to do with truck accidents. Some of these include the following:

  • The number of hours a truck driver can work without taking a mandatory thirty (30) minute break
  • The rules dictate how much time a driver must be off the clock before they resume their travels
  • These regulations require truck drivers to carry logs that show their truck’s weight, maintenance and miles driven

If the defendant in your truck accident case violates one or more of these regulations, they’ll be cited. Your Augusta truck accident lawyer can also use this information to prove your case.

Can You Still Be Found Partially at Fault in Your Georgia Truck Accident?

It is important to realize that, just because the trucker violated federal regulation, you still have to prove your case. In order to collect damages, your Augusta truck accident lawyer still needs to prove that the other driver was at fault. This typically requires that they show negligence. If the truck driver didn’t behave the way a reasonable trucker would under the circumstances, they can be found liable.

Keep in mind – even if the trucker is liable, you can also be found partially at fault. If this is the case, your damages are going to be reduced by your percentage of fault. This is because Georgia follows something called comparative negligence. This means that, if you’re found to be 20% at fault, your $100,000 case can be reduced to $80,000.

Talk to an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in Augusta Right Away

Truck accidents are some of the most serious types of motor vehicle accidents. This is mainly because of the size of the tractor-trailer. The human body simply can’t withstand that sort of impact. And a car or SUV is simply too small to stand up to a giant commercial vehicle. When people are involved in a truck accident, they tend to suffer very serious injuries. This means there’s a good chance they’re entitled to significant damages. The best way to make sure your rights are protected is to hire an experienced Augusta truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

The good news is that you don’t have to pay a dime to meet with a seasoned accident attorney in Georgia. All you have to do is call the office and set up a date and time to meet. This is called a free, initial consultation. During this meeting, your attorney will review your case and ask a few questions. They’ll also answer any questions you may have.

Of course, the first question our attorneys are asked is: “How much is my case worth?” The problem is that nobody can give you an answer to this question right off the bat. It wouldn’t be professional to do so. Your Augusta truck accident lawyer needs to review your case and talk to the other side before they can make this kind of judgment.

Call today and schedule your free, initial consultation. And remember – you don’t pay a dime until your case is settled or resolved.