What is Included in Augusta Workers’ Comp Coverage?

When hurt on the job because of a workplace injury, you might be wondering what type of coverage you will receive through your workers’ comp benefits. The Augusta workers’ comp program provides coverage under the law for a myriad of benefits that are designed to help you recover and return to the workforce if at all possible.

Are All Workers Covered with Augusta Workers’ Comp?

While the workers’ comp program in Augusta covers both part-time and full-time employees, it is required only by companies that have three or more employees. If you are working for an employer that has less than three employees, you need to inquire if they have workers’ comp as they are not required to do so under the law.

Keep in mind that you need to report your injuries to your employer as soon as possible after your accident as there is a time limit of only 30 days. Even if you are not sure about filing a workers’ comp claim, informing your employer that you received an injury on the job is a good idea. You can always do this as a preventative precaution. Failing to notify your employer that an injury occurred after 30 days, could mean a loss of August workers’ comp benefits for your injuries.

Are Medical Benefits Provided with Augusta Workers’ Comp?

The workers’ comp program in Augusta is designed to provide employees that have been hurt on the job benefits to recover from their injuries. These benefits include coverage for medical treatment. Medical treatment can include doctor’s visits, physical therapy, prescriptions, and hospital stays. If medical treatment required for your work-related injury needs to occur, you can easily make a case that is necessary and should be paid by your employer.

Your employer’s insurance provider pays for your medical expense during a workers’ comp claim. You will need to see an approved doctor vetted by your employer’s insurance company. According to Augusta workers’ comp, your employer must provide a panel of at least six doctors that you can seek medical care for your injuries. They must also provide 24/7 access to a physician should you need medical care during off-peak times.

Beyond medical coverage, you are also due reimbursement for mileage to and from your medical providers as well as vocational training if your injuries are severe and you can no longer perform your current job. This training will allow you to get additional education to suit you to a position that you can perform with your injuries.

Are Disability Benefits Provided with August Workers’ Comp?

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be entitled to benefits that can be paid at the rate of 2/3 your current salary. The maximum amount payable as of July 1, 2017, is $575. Even if 2/3 of your salary is more than $575, your benefits will not exceed this limit. This is typically paid out for a maximum of 400 weeks or until you have recovered from your injury, whichever occurs first. These benefits are typically paid out for a temporary partial disability.

If you have a more severe injury that prevents you from returning to work, you would be covered under permanent total disability benefits through workers’ compensation in Augusta, GA. These benefits could be paid to you for life depending on the extent of your injury and its future effects on your life and ability to work.

For injuries that are severe and are a partial disability, workers’ comp in Augusta may pay you a scheduled rate for your injuries. This means that each injury type receives a weighted rate according to a schedule that pays out a premium based on the nature of the injury. These types of injuries may encompass a loss of limb, eye or ear. Injuries that are severe but not scheduled may also pay compensation for up to 300 weeks.

If your disability allows you to return to work in a reduced capacity, you must do return as directed by your doctor. If your light-duty position or reduced responsibilities results in lower pay, you will be compensated through Augusta workers’ comp to help supplement your wages. You will be paid up to 2/3 the difference in your rate of pay up to a maximum of $383 as of July 1, 2017. These benefits can be paid out to you for a maximum of 300 weeks or until you are deemed medically improved.

Do I Need An Attorney to Help with My Augusta Workers’ Comp Benefits?

The laws and process surrounding workers’ comp in August can be complex and confusing at times. You may have your benefits denied or have your employer dispute your ability to receive benefits from their insurance provider. While you can certainly try to fight these claims on your own, an Augusta workers’ comp lawyer may make the process a lot easier for you to endure.

An attorney can work with insurance companies and make sure that your workers’ comp benefits do not get denied. They can advise you on what your compensation should be for your injuries and in some cases, can help you gain additional compensation for pain and suffering by filing a lawsuit against your employer for negligence on their part.

Having an Augusta workers’ comp attorney on your side will make the process of procuring workers’ comp easier and faster. Fewer obstacles occur during the process, and you will receive fair compensation for your injuries. Their support is important during your recovery process and can reduce your stress and worry about receiving benefits that you deserve.

When hurt on the job, you need an attorney to guide you through the legal process to obtain Augusta workers’ comp benefits. The lawyers at Ted A. Greve & Associates can help you receive the workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to. Count on them to provide you with legal counsel and assist you in understanding your rights when it comes to workers’ comp. Contact them today to set up a consultation.