What is Your Likelihood of Sustaining a Personal Injury in Atlanta, Georgia, According to Your Age?

Many people never give much thought to how their age impacts their likelihood of sustaining different types of injuries. Yet, every age group has its own risks and hazards. Whether you are concerned about the risks associated with your own age or the risks associated with the age of someone you love and care for, it is helpful to be well informed and prepared for any situation.

What Injuries are Babies and Toddlers at Greatest Risk of Sustaining in Atlanta, Georgia?

Naturally, babies and toddlers have a wide range of risk factors. They are too young to understand that some things are more dangerous than others, yet they quickly become old enough to get into trouble. Babies that are newborn or have not yet learned to hold their heads up or to crawl are at greatest risk of asphyxiation. This could happen through a choking scenario, involving foods or small items, or it could happen through what is known as positional asphyxiation, meaning that they are in an awkward position that restricts or cuts off their breathing. The other top cause of infant injury and fatality is in auto accidents. While these injuries can be prevented or minimized by using the correct car seat and using it the right way, auto accidents still cause one in five of all fatalities to babies and toddlers.

What Injuries are Young Kids at Greatest Risk of Sustaining in Atlanta, Georgia?

Young children are those who are have passed beyond the stage of toddlers and into the stage of going to elementary school through middle school. These kids are at greatest risk of injuries on the playground, injuries from touching something hot, and injuries from drowning. Children learn from experience, and sometimes, they touch a hot stove before discovering that this is unwise. This is also the timeframe where many kids are learning to swim, but are not skilled at the activity. They are also at greater risk of getting into a pedestrian auto accident, because they are not as good as other age groups at watching for vehicles and crossing the street safely. Then, there are the bicycle injuries that frequently occur as kids are learning to ride bikes, getting more skilled and more daring with their bicycle tricks, and may not be wearing their helmets, not fully appreciating the danger. Children in this age range are still at risk of auto accident injuries, particularly if they are moved out of a booster seat before they reach the appropriate weight and height or if they are not monitored on seat belt use.

What Injuries are Teenagers at Greatest Risk of Sustaining in Atlanta, Georgia?

In many ways, teenagers are much safer than small children and babies. They are less likely to get burned by touching a hot object, because they’ve learned about heat by now. They are less likely to be injured on the playground, because they may not be climbing as much or have improved coordination. Teens are at greatest risk of getting into auto accidents as new drivers and of suffering from injuries associated with experimenting with drugs or alcohol and the situations that arise from these unhealthy decisions. For instance, they may become intoxicated and make a poor decision by driving or lose their coordination and fall into a bonfire or other hazard. They can also get alcohol poisoning. Even teenagers who don’t engage in these experimental behaviors could become injured in activities like sports. Common high school sports injuries include fractured bones, strains and sprains, bruises, scrapes, cuts, and, in the worst cases, traumatic brain injuries.

What Injuries are Young and Middle Aged Adults at Greatest Risk of Sustaining in Atlanta, Georgia? 

A young adult is anyone between the ages of 18 years old and 30 years old. These individuals have many similar risks as high school students, including the risks associated with being relatively inexperienced drivers and using or abusing drugs or alcohol. Young adults are not as much at risk for sports injuries, though they become more at risk of work related injuries as they get older and take on more work responsibilities. The combination of youthful vitality and joy in life and increased financial responsibilities can contribute to very tired and workers who have stayed up to late enjoying life, but have reached a stage of life where they cannot afford to miss a day of work.

What Injuries are Older Adults at Greatest Risk of Sustaining in Atlanta, Georgia?

As we enter old age, we become at greater risk of a wide range of different injuries. Our bodies grow weaker and more likely to suffer from sprains, strains, and fractured bones. We may begin to lose our motor skills and balance, leading to fall injuries. With conditions like osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease, heart problems, pulmonary problems, and various other ailments that may affect any aging adult, each fall is more serious and each shocking event in life is more likely to cause serious harm. Once a person reaches an age and a physical condition where they require ongoing medical or nursing care, the older adult becomes at greater risk of abuse and neglect. In cases where a person falls victim to such conditions as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, the risk is even higher. This is why it is so important for family to stay involved in an elderly person’s life and to recognize the symptoms of abuse and neglect. For the elderly who are still independent drivers, it is important to watch for any changes in ability to drive safely. Most elderly drivers are still safe, but age and conditions associated with aging can impair someone’s driving ability, and you may not notice it on your own. Finally, the elderly are at risk of medication errors. They may miss important medications, take the wrong medication, or take too much of a medication. This can happen by a mistake on the part of the elderly person or a mistake or intentional wrongdoing of someone who cares for the elderly patient.

What Can You Do About Personal Injuries at Any Age in Atlanta, Georgia?

Regardless of your age or the age of your injured loved one, you may have a strong Atlanta, Georgia, personal injury claim after an injury occurs. It all depends on what happened and whether or not negligence was involved. Contact the experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Ted A. Greve & Associates Injury Lawyers to learn more about your options and whether or not you have a claim.