What Should I Bring to My SSDI Hearing?

Unfortunately, the acceptance rate of disability claims in North Carolina is approximately 30 percent. 70 percent of people will have to enter the appeals process if they want to obtain their benefits. If you have filed for Social Security disability insurance in North Carolina, and your claim was denied (like many people), you may be preparing for your first appeals hearing. Typically, the process for applying for Social Security disability insurance occurs in this manner: your file your claim, your claim is denied at the initial level, you request for a reconsideration appeal, that appeal is also denied, and then you request a second appeal, the request for hearing before a federal Administrative Law Judge. Considering that your case goes to the hearing level, you will need to sustainably prepare yourself for your conversation with the judge—as this will be your last chance!


Here is what you will need to win at your Social Security administrative hearing:



  • Recent Medical Records Have a conversation with your doctor about your intent to file for disability insurance. This way, he or she can explicitly record the condition of your disability in detail. Your recent medical records will be extremely important in establishing your disability claim, as it details the extent of your disability and the onset—or beginning—of your disability. Your date of onset will determine the amount of back pay for which you are eligible. Furthermore, your medical records will prove that you are incapable of resuming regular work activities, or perform any similar work-related functions.




  • An Experienced Disability Lawyer Bringing an experienced lawyer to your SSDI hearing will be your best chance at receiving your Social Security disability benefits. Unless you are fluent in Social Security administrative law, showing up to court without someone who is, is extremely unwise. An experienced disability lawyer will have working knowledge of Social Security administrative procedures, and how to get claims approved through the Social Security listings and the medical vocational grid rules—rules in which you may or may not be familiar. More importantly, an experienced lawyer will have the ability to ask relevant legal questions, and implore a winning strategy for your claim.



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