What Should I Do If I Am in an Augusta Car Accident?

Being involved in a car accident can be a devastating time for all parties involved. The impact of the crash can significantly shake you up and make you confused as to how to handle the situation. Knowing in advance the steps to take when an Augusta car accident occurs can make sure that you obtain all the information you need to file a claim and can prepare you if you need to file a lawsuit for damages or injuries.

What Should I Do First in an Augusta Car Accident?

The moment of impact in a car accident can be emotionally and physically scarring. It can bolt you from reality and cause you a sense of panic. The first step to take in a car accident is to make sure you are alright. Take a moment to allow yourself to calm down and access if you are hurt.

If you are injured, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Call for help or ask the other driver or witnesses to get you medical attention as soon as possible. If you do not feel right or sense that something is wrong, it is a good idea to get checked out by a medical professional to make sure you are alright. Some injuries can develop over time and may take days to come to the surface. Your body may be in a state of shock from an Augusta car accident, and you may be unaware of how hurt you really are.

If you are sure that you did not receive any injuries in any way, you need to check on the other driver in the accident. They may be hurt and need your help. Once you know that you are fine, reach out to the other driver and see if they need you to call for medical help. Get them medical treatment if they are unresponsive or they tell you that they need help.

Do I Can the Police in an Augusta Car Accident?

Calling the police in every accident that you are involved in is a good idea. This will provide a record of the incident and help to establish fault in the accident. The police department may not respond to your car accident in Augusta if it is minor in nature, but they will make a record of the crash that you can later gain a copy of for your personal records.

Be sure to tell the police everything that you remember about the accident. Allow them to establish whose fault the accident was. Provide an accurate account of everything that happened and be sure to get the contact information for the police officer that responded to the scene of the crash or that you spoke to over the phone.

It is your responsibility to report an Augusta car accident that has $500 or more in damages. This is a law in the state, and you could be cited for failing to get an accident report if you do not contact the police.

What Information Do I Need in an Augusta Car Accident?

Once you are certain that everyone is safe after a car accident, you need to gather information about the crash. Start with the other drivers that were involved. Exchange their contact information as well as details on their insurance provider and car make, model, and license plate number. This information will be necessary when you file a claim with their insurance company and notify yours that a car accident in Augusta occurred.

You will also want to talk to any witnesses of the accident. It may be necessary to call upon them to testify in a court case. They can provide information as to the events of the car accident in Augusta. Ask the witnesses to your car accident what they saw and get their contact information so you can contact them at a later date if needed.

You will also want to take photos of the vehicles involved in the accident. Be sure to also photograph your injuries if any occurred. This will be beneficial in documenting the severity of your injuries after the car accident and may be necessary in court for your car accident case.

Lastly, take photos of your surroundings. Be sure to note any weather or road conditions that may have played a part in the accident. This will also give a good overview of how the accident occurred and can be helpful in your Augusta car accident case.

Do I Admit Fault in an Augusta Car Accident?

Regardless if an Augusta car accident was your fault or not, it is imperative that you do not admit fault. Never apologize for an accident occurring or say that you are sorry. These statements can be used against you in court and can work to reduce your overall settlement award in your case.

Allow the police or insurance companies to determine fault in your car accident. There may be underlying factors that you were not aware of that contributed to the crash. The other driver may have been drinking or under the influence of drugs. They may have been distracted at the time of the crash or their many weather or road conditions that caused your accident to occur.

You may feel immense guilt that you cause a car accident in Augusta, but you need to control your emotions and remain calm after the crash. Allow the investigation into your car accident to occur and let the proper officials determine who was negligent in the crash.

Because Augusta uses a comparative law for determining compensation in a car accident case, your percentage of fault can decide your award settlement, and if you admit to causing the crash, it can work to reduce your total amount.

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