What Should I Do if I Declined Medical Care After a Car Crash in Charlotte, and Now My Back Hurts?

It is common for some people to simply refuse medical care after a car crash incident. Perhaps they feel physically fine and would prefer to rest at home instead. The lack of visible injuries and physical symptoms are also probable reasons. Why go to the hospital when there are no clear injuries, anyway?

While these decisions are understandable, they often come with loads of risks. What if several days or weeks after the car crash in Charlotte, NC, you suddenly feel ill? What if your back starts to hurt a few days after you refused a medical checkup? Will you still be able to seek compensation from an at-fault driver?

Refusing medical care after a car accident can result in health and legal complications later on.  The insurance company may insist your negligence in getting timely medical care is the reason for your health problems.  When this happens, you could be placing your compensation claim opportunities at risk.

If ever you find yourself in this complicated situation, don’t delay. You will need to speak with a trustworthy car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC right away.

Car Crash Compensation Laws in Charlotte, NC — What Your Car Accident Attorney Will Tell You

Several important laws govern accident compensation claims in North Carolina. The law requires drivers to carry a minimum insurance coverage for personal injuries and property damage. This coverage serves as a means for drivers to pay for claims in case of negligence.

If, however, you have also been partly negligent during the car crash, you risk your chances at recovering compensation. North Carolina compensation laws operate through the contributory negligence rule. You cannot seek to recover if you were also at fault for the car crash. You may consult with a car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC to learn more about this.


From a Car Accident Lawyer: Steps You Can Take after Refusing Medical Care and Suffering Injuries in Charlotte, NC

Thankfully, there are clear steps you can take after a car crash in Charlotte, NC. This is especially important if you refused to obtain medical care initially.

  1. Submit yourself to a medical check-up.

This is one thing which any car accident attorney will advise you to do. In fact, you should have done this immediately after the car crash. Now that you have started to feel back pain, don’t delay in getting medical help.

  1. Obtain proper medical records.

Any car accident lawyer will tell you that medical records can serve as permissible evidence in court. Thus, you will need to obtain and compile such records. Your car accident attorney may also request additional medical documents as needed.

  1. Choose a trustworthy car accident attorney.

Ideally, get in touch with a car accident lawyer prior to speaking with the at-fault party. Your car accident attorney in Charlotte, NC can represent you in meetings or in court hearings. It is also important to choose a car accident lawyer who has full knowledge of updated North Carolina laws.

  1. Check your own insurance coverage.

 A car accident attorney can help you seek compensation from your own insurance company. This will depend on whether you have uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage. These types of coverage take care of compensation in case the at-fault driver does not have any insurance. With the help of a car accident attorney, you can seek damages from your own insuring agency.

Seek Help on your Car Crash Injury Compensation from a Car Accident Lawyer Today

To be involved in a car accident and not seek out immediate medical attention can present some complications. If your back starts to hurt after refusing medical care following an accident, talk to us. We have the Charlotte car accident attorneys who can help.

A negligent driver should face up to his or her responsibility, especially where your health is concerned. Get in touch with a car accident lawyer at Ted A. Greve & Associates today.