What Sort of Accident Claims are Denied in Augusta, Georgia?

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If you get into a car accident, you should be able to count on the insurance company to cover your injuries. They should also pay to get your car fixed or replaced. The last thing you should have to worry about is paying out of pocket for your medical care. Sadly, not all car insurance claims are approved. If you get into a crash, it’ll depend on who was at fault. It can also depend on a host of other things. Thankfully, you can hire a car accident lawyer in Augusta, Georgia who can fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Some people think that there’s a formula to figure out what insurance claims are paid. To a certain extent, this is true. Insurance adjustors do use algorithms and other calculations to figure out what sort of settlements to offer in certain cases. Overall, however, there are certain rules these companies follow to determine which claims to pay and which claims to deny.

If your claim happens to be denied, that doesn’t mean it will never be paid. Once the insurance adjustor learns you’ve hired an attorney, there’s a better chance they’ll take your claim seriously. Or, they may just be waiting for you to file suit so they can try to negotiate a settlement for a lower amount. Since ever case is unique, your best bet is to call and meet with an experienced car accident lawyer in Augusta sooner rather than later.

Smaller Claims are More Likely to Be Paid

It makes sense that insurance companies would be more likely to pay small claims. If they were to fight these claims, it would cost them more than to just pay them. Plus, they’d rather focus their attention on the larger claims. They also don’t like the small claims to clog up their workload. The sooner they can get rid of them the better.

Cases involving small claims may include the following:

  • Car accidents that involve property damage but no bodily injuries. These claims are often harder for them to dispute anyway. If you get an estimate from a reputable mechanic or auto body shop, it will probably be paid.
  • Claims for less than a few thousand dollars. If you go to the emergency room after your accident, you will get a bill for a couple of thousands of dollars. This is true for your ambulance ride as well. It may be easier and cheaper for the insurance company to pay these bills as opposed to fighting them in court.
  • Claims where their client is clearly at fault. For example, if their client is cited for drunk driving at the scene of the crash, they know they’ll lose if they fight it. They’re better off paying or settling these claims than waiting for you to file suit.

If your claim is approved, you should get your check in a week or two. If your claim is denied, it can take a lot longer.

Why Would the Insurance Company Deny Your Claim in Georgia?

Augusta car accident lawyers meet with a lot of clients whose insurance claim has been denied. In fact, the denial is what caused them to visit an attorney in the first place. These cases are a lot more complicated than the ones described above. There are a lot of reasons why an insurance company may deny your claim. These include the following:

  • The policy was cancelled or expired – If the policy isn’t valid, your claim isn’t going to be paid. The other driver may have let their policy lapse for non-payment. Or, you may have simply filed your claim against the wrong policy.
  • They believe you were at fault – The insurance adjustor bases their initial decision on a few things. They look at the police report. They also review the statements given by the drivers. Finally, they use their knowledge and common sense to determine if a claim should be paid. If they believe you caused the crash, they won’t pay your claim.
  • They don’t believe you were hurt – If you dont go to the hospital, there’s no way for your Augusta car accident lawyer to prove you were hurt. If there’s no way to prove your injuries, the insurance company certainly isn’t going to pay your claim.

If the insurance company doesn’t pay your claim, it’s a good idea to call an experienced Augusta car accident lawyer right away. Schedule your free initial consultation as soon as you learn your claim has been denied.