What to Do if Injured in a Car Accident in Augusta, Georgia?

It is a few days before Christmas, and you and your family are heading to Augusta, Georgia to visit your parents for the holidays. You have not been able to see them since you gave birth to your new baby girl and everyone is thrilled you are going to get together for your baby’s first major holiday as a member of the family. The excitement builds as you near the exit to get to your parents’ house. As you slow down and drive onto the exit ramp, you feel a huge bump. Oh no. The car behind you just hit the back of your car. This is not how you wanted to start your holiday vacation.

Your head is spinning as you immediately turn around to check to make sure everyone in the car is okay. All occupants seem to be fine, even your bouncing baby girl, but what should you do now? When you are in a vehicle accident in Georgia, the first thing to do is stop and make sure you and any other cars involved in the mishap are not blocking traffic. It is a state law that you must stop and exchange all relevant information with the other driver and provide assistance if necessary. If you do not stop, you can be found guilty of a felony (depending on how serious the accident) and face up to 5 years in prison.

Do I Have to Call the Augusta, Georgia Police After My Car Accident?

The laws of Augusta, Georgia require you to report any and all accidents in which the damage appears to be greater than $500 and cause injuries or death as soon as they take place. Since most people are not car insurance adjusters, it is a good idea to call after involvement in any type of vehicle crash. You should call the local sheriff’s office or the state patrol depending on where the accident takes place. 

What Kind of Auto Insurance Do I Need in Georgia?

All drivers in the state of Georgia have to carry liability automobile insurance on their cars. The basic coverage levels you need to have are:

  • Coverage of $25,000 in case of bodily injury for each person;
  • Coverage of $50,000 for each bodily injury occurrence; and/or,
  • Coverage for $25,000 worth of property damage for each accident.

There is no law specifying you need to carry insurance for damage to your own vehicle in Augusta, but most individuals do carry the coverage to protect themselves and their property. It is also a good idea to carry uninsured motorist coverage just in case you are in an accident with someone that does not have insurance coverage.

What Car Accident Damages Will Receive Coverage in Augusta, GA?

There are a variety of damages that can receive coverage if you are in a vehicle accident on Augusta road. An auto accident attorney will be able to explain to you all the damages you can recover after you are in an accident. A lawyer can discuss the details surrounding your accident and tell you if you are eligible to receive compensation for:

  • Damages for pain and suffering
  • Damages for your medical bills
  • Compensation for repairing or replacing your damaged car
  • Money to cover your rental car while your car is in the shop
  • Compensation for your lost wages while you recuperate from your injuries
  • Compensation for loss of companionship or affection if you or your spouse sustains injuries in the accident
  • Compensation in the event of wrongful death due to the car crash

In the state of Georgia, there is no limit on the amount of damages a vehicle crash victim can receive due to a Supreme Court decision in 2010 which states limits on compensatory damages violate the constitution of the state. So, in other words, it will not matter if the damages are for property damage or compensation for pain and suffering due to the accident, there will be no limit on the monetary amount you can collect.

How Long Do I Have to Seek Legal Action for a Car Crash in Georgia?

You have two years to file a claim for personal injuries resulting from a car crash in Augusta, so you do not want to risk waiting too long before filing your claim. After an accident, you should schedule a consultation with a car accident attorney to determine the best cause of action for your case. The lawyer will make sure you file your claim within the designated time frame and protect your rights. An attorney will also be able to use their extensive resources to investigate your accident and let you know the damages you are eligible to collect.

Personal injury cases can be difficult to understand, and without the assistance of a dedicated attorney, you may miss out on damages necessary for your recovery. Take the time to meet with a lawyer to discuss all the options available to you relating to your vehicle accident. They will be able to answer all questions you have and clear up any concerns preventing you from filing a claim.

Will an Augusta, Georgia Car Accident Attorney Be Able to Help Me?

The only way to determine if an attorney will be able to help you receive compensation for your damages is to schedule a consultation with a Georgia automobile accident attorney and discuss the specifics surrounding your accident. You do not want to jeopardize getting any and all damages you are entitled to by not talking with a dedicated lawyer. When you are a victim of a car crash, you need to be able to focus on recovering from your injuries and hiring an attorney will allow you to heal while they work on getting you the justice you deserve.

Call an attorney at the office of Ted A. Greve & Associates today and let us work on your behalf. We will put your needs first and work hard to ensure you receive all the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. After a car accident, time is of the essence. Contact us today so we can get to work for you.