4 Mistakes Most People Make After an Auto Accident

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Most people do not anticipate being involved in a car accident while they are on their way to work. The irony of this is that sometimes car accidents are unavoidable in a busy metropolitan area such as Augusta. Actually, drivers should remain cautious while driving, as these inevitable instances are completely unpredictable. Having an emergency plan in place for these unfavorable events can help protect your family from any prolonged suffering, after a car accident. Planning for an event such as a car accident is seemingly morbid, and many people believe seeking compensation after a car accident is as simple as a call to your insurance company. That said, most people make relatively common mistakes after experiencing an accident:


  1.  Failing to Contact the Police

After pulling over from a car accident, you should immediately call 911 and report that you have been involved in a car accident. The other driver may attempt to settle the damages to your car outside of court by offering you cash or a personal check. Although settling out of court will save time, it will not benefit you if you sustained unforeseeable injuries to you or your vehicle. Additionally, the police will be able to ascertain who is really at fault of the accident, which is tremendously helpful when seeking compensation.


  1. Forgetting to Take Pictures of the Damage

While at the scene of the accident, use your cellphone and take plenty of clear pictures from multiple angles of your car, and any other vehicles involved in the accident. Photos of the damage will make it easier to calculate the cost of repairs. Forgetting to take pictures of the damages, could result in an ambiguous claim where the other person could deny having damaged your vehicle at all. If you do not have immediate access to a camera, make sure that the details of the damage are recorded in the police report. If you are unsure, ask the officer on the scene about filing such a report.


  1. Not Seeking Medical Attention

Assuming you contacted the police after your accident, an ambulance should have reported to the scene of the accident to treat any injuries that you may have sustained in the accident. Even if you feel that you have not sustained serious injuries, you should report to the emergency room or your family doctor over the course of the following days. Many times, car accident-related injuries are not visible until days following the incident.


  1. Neglecting to Consult an Attorney

Consulting an attorney can seem intimidating and expensive. However, an experienced team will be eager to fight for you and knows exactly how to tackle your claim, without wasting any time and saving you dollars. Consulting with a Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. may significantly increase your chances of receiving the compensation for damage to you and your vehicle. Call the experienced Raleigh NC auto accident lawyers of Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. for a free consultation, and we will fight for you.