What Augusta Drivers Should Know About Defensive Driving

defensive driving

Defensive driving is an important aspect of driving many drivers aren’t aware of. Driving your car may be satisfying; however, it can be a dangerous undertaking due to the number of careless drivers on the road. Each day, there are vehicle accidents on American roads. The U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Transport Safety Administration reports that in the first quarter of 2021, 8,730 people died in road traffic accidents.

When people don’t die in accidents, they suffer minor or severe injuries. The latter can alter a person’s life quality and leave them permanently disabled. Thankfully, accidents are avoidable, especially if drivers obey traffic rules and regulations.

Another way drivers can prevent car accidents is by practicing defensive driving. This article provides insight into what drivers need to know about this accident prevention technique. Contact our Augusta car accident attorneys at Ted A. Greve and Associates to if you suffer injuries from an accident you did not cause.

What Is Defensive Driving? 

Defensive driving is a particular style of road driving that uses various techniques and tactics to help you stay safe and keep away from problems caused by other road users. In other words, it entails a driver taking on the responsibility of implementing safe driving practices beyond normal driving techniques. Thus, it is a proactive way of preventing accidents.

This often involves constantly scanning the road or looking both ways before an intersection. It also involves continual identification of potential hazards while driving. Defensive driving helps you react safely to sudden hazards on the road, thereby protecting you and your passengers.

What Are the Benefits of Defensive Driving?

Driving defensively when on the road has several benefits for you and other road users. Below, our Augusta auto accident lawyers share some benefits of defensive driving.

  • Insurance Reduction: Some states, like Georgia, offer insurance reductions to drivers who take defensive driving classes. So if you want to get at least a 10% reduction on your insurance rates, take a course.
  • Points Reduction: A defensive driving course would help you get points reduction after a traffic violation. It also lowers demerit points on your driver’s license.
  • Improve Safety: Your safety on the road is important. By practicing defensive driving techniques like the three-second rule, it would be easier to avoid rear-end accidents.
  • Improve Driving Skills: The more you remind yourself of driving laws and practice safe driving techniques, the more your skills improve.

Defensive Driving Tips Augusta Drivers Should Know

Now that you have grasped what defensive driving is about and some of its benefits, here are some practical tips for driving defensively.

  • Focus on Driving and the Road: One key way to drive defensively is keeping your eyes on the road. Distracted driving only causes car accidents. Therefore, it’s better to avoid them. Common acts of distraction to avoid include texting, eating, changing CDs, zoning out, etc.
  • Scan Ahead: Although your natural focus is the road ahead, you should mentally scan ahead your field of view. By proactively scanning ahead, you can detect any upcoming potential danger.
  • Maintain a Safe Distance: Tailgating is one of the common causes of road traffic accidents. Defensive driving entails keeping an adequate distance — at least three seconds — between your car and the one in front. This way, you have enough reaction time in case the driver in front stops suddenly.
  • Communicate With Other Drivers: Communication while driving doesn’t involve using words. Instead, it covers using your turn signs, vehicle lights, and even hand signals. The preceding lets the other driver know what you’re about to do and prevents confusion that might cause an accident.

How Can You Learn Defensive Driving in Augusta, GA?

There are several ways Augusta drivers can learn defensive driving. The first is through online research. There are plenty of resources online to guide you through defensive driving, and you should capitalize on them. Secondly, you can enroll in a defensive driving course.

The courses help you understand key concepts on driving defensively, as well as emergency protocols. You can try a local driving school for the courses or contact the Georgia Department of Driver Services to learn about their defensive driving programs.

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