Augusta, GA – Herbert Marcus Smith Loses Life in Walden Dr Crash

Augusta, GA – Herbert Marcus Smith Loses Life in Walden Dr Crash

Augusta, GA (January 8, 2024) – On January eighth, the Richmond County coroner’s office was called to the scene of a fatal collision that took place in Augusta. The accident was reported at around 11:30 a.m.

Reports provided by the Georgia State Patrol show that a collision involving two vehicles took place in the 2300 block of Walden Drive. The driver of the eastbound vehicle, identified as 28-year-old Herbert Marcus Smith, became trapped in his vehicle. Firefighters responded to the scene to extricate the victim. Smith was fatally injured and pronounced deceased at the scene by the coroner’s office. One additional victim was injured as a result of the crash and had to be transported to an area hospital for emergency care.

At this time, investigations into the crash are ongoing.

We hope the injured victim are able to recover quickly.

Our condolences go out to the family of Herbert Marcus Smith.

Fatal Car Accidents in Georgia

Augusta, GA – Herbert Marcus Smith Loses Life in Walden Dr CrashFatal accidents are often unpredictable. Unfortunately, hundreds of people die as a result of fatal collisions every year in our state. After experiencing the loss of a loved one, it is crucial that you seek legal representation right away.

A dedicated Georgia wrongful death lawyer will be able to help prove your case against the responsible party. Throughout the legal process, your attorney will work to gather evidence from various sources. This can include medical records, videos and pictures from the accident scene, wage statements from your loved one’s employers, police reports, witness testimony, and more.

After gathering all of the evidence, your attorney will put it all together while developing your wrongful death claim. The attorney will be able to negotiate compensation on your behalf to ensure you get all of the money that you need for the loss of consortium, pain and suffering, burial costs, and more. It is important to understand how awards for damages are provided in Georgia.

According to OCGA § 51-4-2(d)(1), a wrongful death settlement is typically divided evenly among the surviving spouse and children of the deceased. Nevertheless, the spouse is guaranteed to receive at least one-third of the total award, regardless of how many children there are.

The allocation of assets in an estate claim is contingent on the provisions outlined in the deceased person’s will. In situations where there is no will, Georgia’s laws dictate how the distribution is managed. For a clearer understanding of your potential entitlement, it’s advisable to consult a wrongful death attorney in Georgia.

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