Wilmington Car Accident: What Is the Average Settlement?

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The implications of a car crash can linger long after the accident occurs, especially if life-changing injuries are involved. After the initial trauma of the wreck has passed, injured victims and their loved ones might wonder what the average car accident settlement amount is and whether they are eligible for compensation.

So, how do you figure out how much your car accident claim is worth? The starting point to determine the typical settlement for car accident claims might be working with an experienced North Carolina car accident lawyer and looking at your case’s unique circumstances.

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What Factors Affect Car Accident Settlements in North Carolina?

Every car crash is unique, and so is each car accident claim. That said, several factors determine how much an auto accident victim ultimately recovers in a car accident case, including the type of injury, medical bills, and the other motorist’s degree of negligence.

The top 5 factors that affect typical car crash settlement amounts include:

 The Severity of Your Injuries

Whenever you receive a settlement in a car accident case, the settlement figure varies significantly based on the severity of your injuries.

Typically, when you walk away from a motor vehicle crash with minor injuries like cuts, bruises, and whiplash, the settlement you receive will be much lower than the settlement you would get if you were hospitalized with severe injuries. Catastrophic injuries such as spinal injuries, loss of an eye or sight, ear injuries, and amputations require extensive and costly medical treatment and typically have larger settlements.

However, not all car accident injuries are physical. These include physical pain and suffering and mental anguish. But how do you measure the physical and psychological pain and suffering you endure? The amount you recover for pain and suffering injuries depends on your unique case.

Your Financial Losses

In most car accident cases, the injured victim is forced to deal with financial losses stemming from medical bills for treatment of injuries, vehicle repair or replacement costs from the car being damaged or totaled, and even lost wages because the victim had to miss work due to the accident.

A car accident settlement can factor in your financial losses and compensate you accordingly – affecting the settlement amount you receive.


The settlement amount you recover after a car accident in Wilmington, NC, will be based in large part on proving that the other driver caused the car crash.

If you can prove that you did not share any fault in causing the crash, expect to recover fair compensation. However, North Carolina uses the contributory negligence law, which means that if you shared any responsibility in causing a car accident, you might be barred from recovery. A skilled car accident lawyer near you in Wilmington can help you prove the other driver’s fault and fight contributory negligence defenses.

State Laws

Every state has its unique car accident laws, which means that the typical settlement amounts for car accident cases vary depending on where you live. If you’re affected by a car crash in North Carolina – an at-fault state – you can lodge a personal injury claim even if you suffered minor property damage or injuries.

Car Insurance Policies

North Carolina law requires all motorists to have continuous liability insurance coverage:

  • Bodily injury (one person) – $30,000
  • Property damage – $25,000
  • Bodily injury (Two+ people) – $60,000

However, some car insurance companies have policy limits that affect the settlement amount you can recover after a car accident.

Fight for the Maximum Car Accident Settlement in North Carolina

Ideally, the typical car accident settlement amount that a victim can recover in North Carolina would always account for financial losses, pain, and suffering resulting from the crash. However, proving these factors in court can often be challenging.

To give yourself and your family the best chance of winning your car accident case and recovering the maximum settlement, hire an experienced Wilmington personal injury lawyer. If you’ve suffered injuries in an auto accident in North Carolina, you can benefit significantly from a lawyer’s years of experience and expertise.

Make no mistake. Financial compensation is all the justice you can get when filing a Wilmington car accident claim. Sadly, fighting for the justice you deserve is never easy. At Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A., we are committed to getting you the maximum settlement after a car accident. Our attorneys handle all car accident cases on a contingency fee basis and are ready to review your case.

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