Beech Island, SC – Third Victim Dies from Williston Rd Crash Injuries

Beech Island, SC – Third Victims Dies from Williston Rd Crash Injuries

Beech Island, SC (January 31, 2024) – Emergency crews confirmed that a third victim had lost their life as a result of the injuries they suffered in the Beech Island crash reported over the weekend. The accident took place on Saturday, January 27.

At approximately 4:00 p.m., a collision between a 2012 Toyota Camry and a 2020 Kia SUV occurred on Williston Road.  Two people involved in the accident, identified as 52-year-old Angela Hancock and 46-year-old Eric Sargent, were both pronounced deceased while on site as a result of the injuries they suffered.

Authorities confirmed on Tuesday, January 30, that 46-year-old Tabatha Kitchings also passed away from the injuries that she suffered while she was being treated in Wellstar MCG hospital. At this time, investigations surrounding the incident are underway.

We offer our condolences to the families of Angela Hancock, Eric Sargent, and Tabatha Kitchings.

Fatal Auto Accidents in South Carolina

Beech Island, SC – Third Victims Dies from Williston Rd Crash InjuriesA fatal accident can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, we see countless people lose their lives due to vehicle collisions in our state every year. Far too often, families are forced to deal with the overwhelming consequences that these accidents bring.

It is important for families to know that they have the option to seek justice through a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. The sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one due to a fatal crash is heartbreaking and can leave families struggling emotionally, financially, and physically. After losing a loved one, your family may experience a significant loss in financial resources. If your loved one was the breadwinner for the family, you can request compensation to alleviate the impact that your family faces from lost wages. In addition, your family can seek compensation for the damages and losses you face related to funeral expenses, loss of services, loss of consortium, and more.

By working with an experienced wrongful death lawyer, families can receive financial relief for damages such as funeral costs, lost earning capacity, and property damage. It may not bring back their loved one, but it can provide some sense of closure and ease the burden during this difficult time.

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