Can I Get Fired for Seeking Workmans Comp Benefits in Augusta, GA?

When hurt on the job because of a workplace accident, your injuries fall under the workmans comp program in Augusta, Georgia. This program provides coverage for your medical bills and a portion of your lost wages due to your injuries. The State Board of Workers’ Compensation determines if you receive benefits and the amount of payment you will receive.

Legally, your employer cannot fire you because you were hurt on the job. You have protection under the Augusta, Georgia workmans comp program. Every employer that has at least three employees is required to provide workmans comp for their employees in Augusta, Georgia. This coverage is provided for part-time and full-time employees regardless of their status with the company.

Your workmans comp benefits begins on your first day of employment in Augusta, GA. As long as your injuries occur while performing work for your employer, you are afforded coverage under the law. If you participate in illegal activities and an accident occurs that causes injuries, your workmans compensation benefits could be denied.

If you need assistance in determining if you qualify for coverage of worker’s comp, an Augusta, Georgia work injury lawyer can help you with your case. They can advise you on your legal rights and help you understand the laws for Augusta, Georgia workmans compensation.

Can I Be Fired for Not Performing Well After a Workplace Injury?

Once you have recovered from your injuries, you can return to work. If your injuries are preventing you from performing your job to the full capacity, your employer needs to make reasonable accommodations under the American Disabilities Act (ADA). They cannot fire you without first providing you with these accommodations.

If your injuries prevent you from performing your job duties after reasonable accommodations are made, your employer does have a right to terminate your employment. But, you also have rights under the law to fight unlawful termination for workmans comp claims in Augusta, Georgia.

An Augusta, Georgia work injury lawyer can help you fight your termination and ensure you are afforded additional compensation in accordance with the law. There are additional benefits provided should you endure an economic change because of your disability or workplace injuries.

If fired from your job after reasonable accommodation was provided and you cannot find another job, an extension of your workers’ comp benefits can occur in your case. Many times, other employers do not want to hire an employee that has extensive injuries from a workplace accident as they may prevent you from performing to expectations. Since, in this case, you are experiencing an economic change, your Augusta, Georgia workmans comp claim could be opened again by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

An Augusta, Georgia work injury lawyer can help you file a claim to reopen your case after an economic change has occurred because you are unable to find work. The State Board of Workers’ Compensation also offers training for new employment that you could perform with limited capacities due to a disability from a workplace accident.

Will I Still Receive Georgia Workmans Comp If I Return to Work in a Light-Duty Position?

When your injuries from a workplace accident limit your ability to return to your former position, you may be released by your doctor for a light-duty role. This position may pay less than your former role and workmans comp in Augusta, Georgia will supplement a portion of the difference.

A maximum of $383 will be paid for your light-duty work based on the difference in pay between the two positions. You qualify for these partial payment benefits for a total of 350 weeks. If you fail to return to work in a light duty role, your Augusta, Georgia workmans comp benefits will stop, and the responsibility for your medical bills and financial earning becomes your own.

How Can a Augusta, Georgia Work Injury Lawyer Help Me?

The workmans comp program is complex and oftentimes difficult to navigate. An Augusta, Georgia work injury lawyer can help guide you through the process of opening your injury claim case. They can also work to ensure you receive compensation if fired because of your workplace injuries. The ADA is designed to protect those that are disabled and cannot perform their previous job roles without reasonable accommodation.

When injured on the job because of a workplace accident, you need to speak with an Augusta workers compensation lawyer you trust. The attorneys at Ted A. Greve & Associates are there for you. They can help fight your employer if you are fired without cause and protect your rights under the law for workplace injuries. Contact us today to set up a consultation.