Where Do I Report a Dog Attack in Augusta, Georgia?

When a dog attacks, the results can be frightening. You can be marred, scarred and scratched. While you may be panicked, you need to report the attack to the correct authorities. The animal control center needs to be informed about the dog attack in Augusta, Georgia, so they can take the corrective measures to make sure the public is safe.

What Should I Do After a Dog Attack in Augusta, Georgia?

There are several steps that you need to take to protect yourself and your legal rights after an Augusta, Georgia dog attack. The most important and first step you need to take is get medical treatment for your injuries. You need to make sure that your needs are taken care of and that you receive treatment quickly.

You do need to get the contact information of the dog owner. This should include their name, address and phone number, as well as any information about the dog, such as its name and breed. This will help expedite your Augusta, Georgia dog attack case.

Be sure to document the dog attack. Use your cell phone to take pictures of your injuries. This will show the severity of the attack and the extent of your injuries. Also, be sure to save your torn clothes or damaged property as evidence in your case.

After your injuries have been treated by a medical professional, take a moment to write down everything you remember about the Augusta, Georgia dog attack. This can help you recall all the events of the attack and will keep a good record of what happened that day.

Let animal control in Augusta, Georgia know about the dog that hurt you. They will take the necessary steps to ensure the public is safe and a citation is given to the dog owner in the case.

You also want to talk to a dog attack attorney in Augusta, Georgia about your injuries. You have a right to file a dog attack lawsuit against the dog owner to get paid for your medical bills, damaged property, lost wages from work, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages for particularly egregious actions.

Seek Compensation for a Augusta, Georgia Dog Attack

A dog that has attacked you and caused injury needs quarantining to ensure that it does not have rabies or an infectious disease which can make your injuries more severe. For this reason, you will need to alert the local animal control center. The animal control center in Augusta, Georgia will determine if a citation needs administering to the dog owner for the attack which is instrumental in obtaining a settlement in your case.

Under the law for an Augusta, Georgia dog attack, the owner must have had control over their dog by having it heeled or on a leash. If the dog owner knew the dog was vicious, they are also liable for the attack that caused you harm.

You need to speak to an Augusta, Georgia dog attack attorney to discuss your legal rights. They can advise you on the laws of Augusta, Georgia for dog attacks and ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

How Can I Prove I Was Attacked by a Dog in Georgia?

Proving a dog attack in Augusta, Georgia requires some effort from your dog attack lawyer. They have the burden of showing negligence. They must prove that you did not provoke the attack and that the owner’s negligence and lack of control is what led to the attack. In addition, the dog involved must be determined to be a danger to the public or vicious in nature.

Only by proving these factors is a dog owner considered at fault for your dog attack. Your dog attack attorney in Augusta, Georgia may show prove negligence by showing that the dog owner did not take reasonable care to stop the dog from attacking you. Proving this can often be done when no leash was used to restrain the dog during the attack.

Augusta, Georgia has a leash ordinance that dog owners need to adhere to and when a dog attack occurs despite this regulation, it shows the vicious state of the dog. Your Augusta, Georgia dog attack attorney can help you determine if your attack falls under the law for vicious animals and get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Consult with a Georgia Dog Attack Attorney Today

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