What Percentage of Your Settlement Do Your Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Receive?


It’s hard to watch television without seeing advertisements from Atlanta personal injury lawyers. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. With so many dangerous drugs and products out there, people need to know where to turn if they need a lawyer. What people also need to understand is that they can meet with a personal injury […]

Can You Still File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Augusta During COVID-19?


We’ve encountered many individuals asking if you can still file a personal injury lawsuit in Augusta. We have all seen what COVID-19 has done to our world. Nothing is the same today as it was just six (6) months ago. People who used to go to work every day are now working from home. Or, […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween in Atlanta, Georgia

trick or treating

Summer is behind us and we’re slowly heading toward the holiday season. The first of these holidays is Halloween. For people who have children, this can be one of the trickiest of all the holidays to navigate. It’s hard to make sure your kids are safe while they’re having a good time. This year will […]

What Can You Do to Ensure Pool Safety in Atlanta, Georgia?

Pool Safety

We’re approaching the time of year when people like to go out and enjoy some time in the pool. With what is going on at the moment with the Coronavirus, it may be a bit longer before we can resume these types of normal activity. But when it is time to head out to the […]

When Can You Sue Your Employer Outside of Worker’s Compensation in Georgia?

When Can You Sue Your Employer Outside of Worker’s Compensation in Georgia?

When people who are hurt on the job come into their lawyer’s office, one of the first things they want to know is if they can sue their employer. When they hear that the answer is, generally, no, they don’t understand. They scratch their heads. If they got hurt on company property, why can’t they […]