Charlotte, NC – Fatal Fire Incident on Old Mountain Rd Takes One Life

Charlotte, NC – Fatal Fire Incident on Old Mountain Rd Takes One Life

Charlotte, NC (January 19, 2024) – The Statesville Fire Department confirmed that 68-year-old William De Giovanni Shalima Watkins lost his life as a result of a fatal fire that took place on Tuesday in Statesville. Authorities were notified of the crash at around five p.m. on January 16.

According to official reports, a home located on Old Mountain Road in the area near Old Charlotte Road was on fire during the evening hours. A man inside of the home was severely injured as a result of the fire. Firefighters spent 20 minutes battling the blaze before declaring the incident under control. Inside, authorities located a man with severe injuries. The victim, identified as William De Giovanti Shalima Watkins, was pronounced deceased from his injuries. At this time, the fire is under investigation.

Our condolences go out to the family of William De Giovanti Shalima Watkins.

Fatal Fire Incidents in North Carolina

Charlotte, NC – Fatal Fire Incident on Old Mountain Rd Takes One LifeDealing with the unexpected loss of a loved one can be incredibly challenging. Unfortunately, fatal fire incidents are the cause of countless deaths across our state each year. After experiencing the loss of a loved one, your family has the opportunity to file a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. This type of legal action can help you recover financial compensation for many of the damages you face. Some of the damages you can request compensation for include:

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