Common Causes of Wrong Way Car Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia?

There are many types of road accidents, but among the more serious ones are wrong way car accidents. A large majority of head-on collisions can be classified as a wrong way accident, and most of them are quite serious.  Wrong way car accidents frequently occur in Atlanta, Georgia. A wrong way car accident that occurs at night is even more dangerous compared to those that occur during daytime.

A major reason why a wrong way accident results in serious consequences is that most people don’t expect such a traffic collision. When a car suddenly comes towards you, it can result in significant shock and surprise. Many people have very little time to react to the event which results in a traffic accident. The fact is that the majority of drivers wouldn’t even know what to do when they see a car coming towards them as this is really not something you learn to handle in driving school.

Common Causes of Wrong Way Car Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta, Georgia, there are dozens of wrong way car accidents each year. Some of the causes of a wrong way accident include:

  • Driving under the influence: A wrong-way traffic accident is more likely to occur when one is under the influence of substances like drugs and alcohol that can lead to cognitive impairment. A driver who is not completely in their right state of mind can easily go the wrong way causing an unnecessary traffic collision.
  • Senior drivers: Senior drivers are often involved in a wrong way accident. It could be due to poor eyesight due to which they could miss seeing or misreading road signs. Sometimes, senior drivers may be on medications that could cause a lapse in judgment and memory. This could result in a traffic accident.
  • Driving while drowsy: A common reason for wrong way accidents is driving while drowsy. When one is sleepy, it is easy to mistake signs or enter the wrong ramp. This could also result in a wrong-way accident.
  • Evading police: Another common reason for wrong way accidents is evading the police. Very often young people who are running away from the police will do whatever it takes to get away. This includes driving at high speed and going the wrong way just to shake off the police officers chasing them. While this appears to be a very movie-like scenario, it is known to happen and can cause a wrong way accident.
  • Medical emergency: In rare cases, a driver may drive the wrong way if they are experiencing low blood sugar, seizure, stroke or a heart attack. These acute emergencies can often confuse the mind and lead to erratic driving. In some cases, this erratic driving behavior could cause a traffic collision.
  • Misplaced road signs: Sometimes the cause of wrong-way driving is misplaced or obscure road signs. This could occur due to a natural disaster, heavy rain, collapsing foliage, poor lighting or vandalism.
  • Missing the exit: Sometimes a driver may miss the exit and then deliberately enter the road on the wrong side to get back to his destination. While this might be a short-term solution that they think would be okay, but if a vehicle suddenly approaches them, it could cause a traffic accident.
  • Road construction: When there is road construction, there may be signs for detour and drivers not familiar with the roads can easily get on the wrong side of the road. While this is rare since there are people generally guiding the traffic in such situations, there is always a possibility of a wrong-way accident.
  • Not paying attention: A common cause of wrong-way accidents is a distraction in the car. The driver may be playing loud music, watching something else on the road or be distracted by texting. This can easily lead to entering the wrong side of the road causing a traffic accident.

Where Do Wrong-Way Accidents Generally Occur?

Wrong-way accidents can occur on any road, but they are most common at freeway exit ramps. Wrong-way accidents in Atlanta tend to occur in the early mornings and late nights.

The best way to avoid wrong way accidents is to be alert and drive with care. Remember, if you are involved in a wrong way accident, the penalties can be very severe depending on the amount of damage and injury to the other party.

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