What to Do After a Car Collision in Charlotte, NC

Here’s a rundown of the main steps to take after you’ve been in a car crash in the Charlotte metropolitan area. Inside our rundown we address the most well-known inquiries drivers have about car crashes, including what to do quickly after the car collision, what information to provide to insurance companies, why it’s critical to take vivid notes about everything involving the accident and your personal injuries, how to decide blame in a car accident, and more. Should you have any additional inquiries after reading our rundown, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 844-409-0999.

Do your best to remain calm and think clearly.

We see how being quiet promptly after a car accident is significantly easier said than done, however it’s of high significance that you do your absolute best to keep a composed mind. Remaining quiet will enable you to legitimately deal with the routine legal aspect that is started and recorded at the scene of the accident.

Do not hesitate. Call police immediately after the auto accident takes place.

After a car accident in Charlotte, NC, you should contact police quickly. We encourage you to contact the police regardless of the possibility that the accident is minor. Police are expected to create an unprejudiced and itemized investigation of the car crash, known as a the police report. Most insurance agencies across the nation require this kind of authority report before they’ll consider paying for repairs. That is on the grounds that the police report is expected to figure out who is to blame for the impact. Settling who is to blame assumes a key part in deciding whether your auto insurance or the other driver’s auto insurance will be lawfully committed to pay for repairs.

Create distance between you and oncoming traffic.

Recent investigations have uncovered that a high rate of car accidents occur in high traffic zones. The best thing to do for this situation is to move to an adjacent area where you can keep a sheltered distance from traffic. On the off chance that your vehicle is still operational, move it onto the side of the street as a far as possible from traffic as could be expected under the circumstances. That way you can maintain a strategic distance from any further mishaps or wounds. Likewise, consider turning on the hazard lights to caution clueless drivers to be mindful as they approach the zone where the car crash has occurred.

Exchange appropriate information with the other driver.

Without really expounding with the other driver, you’ll need to request his or her name and their general insurance information. Likewise, make certain to scribble down their tag number in the improbable occasion that they choose to escape the scene of the car crash. 

Do not discuss the car accident with involved parties.

The best thing to do after a car accident is to stay silent until the point when police arrive. It is okay to be amiable and concerned, yet don’t examine the car collision with the other driver included or talk with their auto insurance operator. Everything will turn out better for you, at last, should you just uncover insights about the car crash to the police, your auto insurance operator and your car accident legal advisor.

Most importantly, don’t concede blame, and don’t consent to sign any report or composed proclamation unless it’s for the police.

Write down as many detailed notes as possible.

While subtle elements of the car collision are still crisp in your mind, write down a couple of notes as you sit tight for police to arrive. Try to record any subtle elements on what prompted the car collision and any harm done to the vehicles included. Additionally, ensure you incorporate witness information and personal wounds you endured. Such subtle elements are profoundly critical to both your insurance agent and personal injury lawyer.

Take pictures of the damage.

As the well-known adage goes, “A photo is worth more than a thousand words.” So it’s anything but difficult to understand why photographs are particularly important should you wind up in court. Thus, we unequivocally propose that after a car accident, you quickly take out your telephone and capture pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident. In if you’re capable, get a wide shot of the entire scene of the accident and close ups of the damages.

Seek witnesses.

Request that favorable witnesses hold up and talk with the police to give their record of the car collision. Take down their names and numbers in the event that they will willingly give their information to you. You can even inquire as to whether they’ve ever seen some other mischances in the exact location. The purpose behind posing that inquiry is to decide whether the specific area is inclined to car crashes. A few spots are inclined to result in more frequent auto accident because of conditions that are not left in a driver’s control. For instance, point of view or blurred movement lines on winding streets, and so on. Your insurance company and car accident lawyer will discover this kind of information especially helpful.

Reach out to your insurance company.

One of the conspicuous things to do after any car crash, small or great, is to inform your insurance provider. Give them as much detail as conceivable. Survey your notes from the accident, let them know whether you got witnesses and offer the photos you took. In particular, make an effort not to stretch. They are there to manage you through the auto accident claim process and will fill you in as to whether extra documentation is required. Simply be honest and answer their inquiries to the best of your capacity.

Protect your rights by seeking legal counsel. 

One of the most important things that you don’t want to do after a car collision is to admit any fault for the car collision. You would be stunned by how regularly drivers will expect they are to blame notwithstanding when they are most certainly not the cause. After a car crash, don’t tell anybody the car collision was your blame, regardless of the possibility that you really think it was.

Police are more educated on traffic rules than most drivers and can contribute an objective perspective. So let the cops carry out their occupation. You don’t want to acquire a high traffic ticket to pay and an increased auto insurance premium, particularly if it’s because of a car crash you didn’t cause.

Despite what might be expected, on the off chance that you are observed to be to blame for a car crash, however don’t feel that you are, you should search out a car collision attorney to battle the charges for your sake.

If you or somebody you know have as of late been included in a car crash in Charlotte, NC, please don’t hesitate to contact our group here at Ted Greve & Associates for legal help. We are pleased to state we’ve been helping drivers all through the Charlotte area for several year. Click, call or stop by today to figure out how one of our Charlotte car accident attorneys can help you as well.