My Child Suffered Playground Injuries from Faulty Equipment in Charlotte, NC. Can I Sue?

As the parent of a child who suffered playground injuries in Charlotte, NC, your only concern is to help your child recover. However, some injuries take time and expensive treatments and procedures to heal. If your child’s injuries occurred due to defective playground equipment, or due to someone’s negligence or wrongdoing, you might be entitled to compensation.

If you decide to seek compensation, consider discussing your case with a Charlotte personal injuries lawyer. Playground accidents are complex cases, and it is not always easy to figure out who is at fault. An attorney can evaluate your case to see if you have the right to compensation for the playground injuries and then determine liability, prove it, and seek compensation on your behalf.

When Can I Seek Compensation for My Child’s Playground Injuries in Charlotte, NC?

The best way to determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation, besides obtaining the opinion of an experienced lawyer, is to answer the following questions:

  • Should have someone supervised your child and failed to do so when they incurred the playground injuries? Even if the playground was defective, poorly maintained, or unsafe, you may have a stronger case against the party who should have noticed the defect and prevent your child from using the playground. This is especially true if your child was in school or at the daycare, or on the playground of these institutions.
  • Did your child’s injuries occur as a result of elevated rubber floors, protruding nails, and obscurities within the sand, or some other issues related to playground safety? Even though the playground was defective or unsafe, you would still have to prove that those defects or faults caused the injuries.
  • Do you have, or can you still acquire evidence of the dangerous conditions and/or how the playground injuries occurred? You will need evidence and witnesses if you want your compensation claim to be successful. If you filed an incident report to the police, a copy of it could be very useful.

If your answer is affirmative to at least one of these questions, you may have a case. Depending on the specifics of your case, an experienced personal injury lawyer may be able to prove that the injuries your child suffered had one of the following causes.

Main Causes of Playground Injuries in Charlotte, NC

  • Unsafe design of the playground equipment
  • Faults or defects in the equipment
  • Improper maintenance of the playground equipment and playground safety issues
  • Inadequate or lack of supervision of the children on the playground
  • Unsafe materials used in the playground setting

Such issues often lead to children falling from the equipment, getting caught in between or on the equipment, cutting themselves or bruising their skin on sharp edges, striking or being struck by other children or various objects on the playground.

A detailed analysis of the causes and the circumstances of the injuries your child incurred will help you determine who was at fault for those injuries and, implicitly, against whom you should file your compensation claim.

Liability and Seeking Compensation for Defective Playground Injuries in Charlotte, NC

The best way to determine who was at fault for the injuries a child incurred on the playground is to discuss the circumstances of those injuries with an experienced personal injury attorney. Obtaining compensation for playground injuries involves more than pointing fingers and blaming people or companies.

The plaintiff needs to show that someone had the duty to act in a certain matter, neglected that duty, and their actions lead to the injuries. Depending on the circumstances, the party at fault could be:

  • The school, daycare, or church whose playground the child was using, or whose personnel were in charge of supervising the child
  • The operator or owner of a private playground if they failed to ensure adequate maintenance, warn about dangers, instruct the children on how to use the playground, or make sure the children are of adequate age
  • The playground designer, if the construction they designed is dangerous or fails to comply with the standards in force
  • The manufacturer of the playground equipment, if they failed to follow the design, used poor quality materials, or made assembly mistakes
  • The company in charge of maintaining the playground, if they failed to identify and repair defects, or provided inadequate maintenance

No matter who is at fault for the injuries, time is of the essence when it comes to seeking compensation, since evidence becomes more difficult to acquire with time, and there is a time limit all compensation claims with which you will need to comply. For playground injuries, according to NC Civil Statutes Section § 1-52, the deadline is within three years from the injury date.

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