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Car accident damage can be a telltale sign of fault. After a car accident, there’s usually an investigation into what happened to determine fault. In some cases, the fault is usually apparent. However, there are situations where it’s unclear which driver is responsible for the car accident. Sometimes, it’s vital to look at the cars to learn what happened in the accident. This process involves looking at the car accident damage.

In this article, the car accident lawyers in Augusta will explain how to determine fault by car accident damage. You will also understand the next steps to take if the fault is not apparent and how to document the damage. Contact Ted A. Greve and Associates if you suffer injuries from an accident.

How Accident Lawyers in Augusta Determine Fault Based on the Damage

There are several ways that the top Augusta car accident lawyers and law enforcement officials determine fault in a car accident. Although it isn’t limited to the following, it includes:

  • Pictures taken at the crash scene
  • Video surveillance
  • Car damage
  • Statements from the drivers
  • Statement from eyewitnesses
  • Dashcam surveillance footage

Although these methods are available to prove liability, using car accident damage is quite effective. It is even more critical when the witnesses and drivers give contradicting stories about the accident. Most times, the car damage tells you all you need to know about the accident and how it happened.

Car damage shows you the impact point and helps resolve a case before it is disputed. A clear example is if, in a car accident, a vehicle sustains damage to the rear. On the other hand, another vehicle sustains front-end damage. It is an indication that a rear-end impact occurred.

What Happens When Damage Doesn’t Prove Fault?

There are situations where car accident damage isn’t enough to determine fault in an accident. An example is in a rear-end collision. Most times, the rear driver is at fault for the accident. However, what if the accident evidence shows a side-impact crash. Although the car accident damage shows that a driver struck the other driver’s side, it doesn’t clarify the actions that led up to the accident. In such a situation, any of the drivers could be at fault.

It might be essential to bring in accident reconstruction experts in car accidents where you sustained severe injuries. These experts usually examine the evidence and then apply physics and engineering principles to the car damage. Most of these experts provide 3D computer models that you can present to the jury or insurance carriers. It will show what the reconstructionists believe happened on the scene based on scientific principles and the best evidence.

How Can You Preserve Evidence of Damage?

To use the car accident damage as evidence to receive compensation, you must preserve evidence of the damage. This way, the other party cannot claim that you’re lying or that you do not remember things the right way. The initial step you can take is to take photos of the accident scene. You can do this by using your phone’s camera or any other camera at the location for many pictures. It’s advisable to take too many photos than not to take enough.

Ensure you don’t just take photos of your car but also that of the other vehicle. Also, take pictures of skid marks and the debris, if there are any. A comprehensive view of the accident scene will help your Augusta auto accident lawyer piece together what happened.

You can also ask for an inspection of your car and the accident scene. Most of the time, you have to speed up the process of making this request. Additionally, an estimate for repairs from the car repair shop could be another way to document evidence. The evidence usually provides a list of what’s wrong with your car from a skilled mechanic’s view.

Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in Augusta Today!

If you or your loved one gets injured in a car accident in Augusta, you should contact an Augusta auto accident attorney to help with the case. It is even more critical if the fault is disputed and you have issues finding evidence to prove liability. Sometimes, a skilled lawyer will conduct an independent investigation to determine fault through the car accident damage and help you secure your due compensation.

When you contact Ted A. Greve & Associates car accident lawyers in Augusta, they’ll help you build on evidence and prepare your case in the best way. Our goal is to ensure your rights are protected and you get all the support necessary to make a full recovery. Therefore, book a free consultation today to discuss the details of your case.