Driving Too Slowly in Charlotte Can Be Dangerous; Here’s How

Driving in North Carolina requires extreme care and caution. That’s because any mistake, even for a few seconds, can cause serious road crashes and result in severe injuries. Unfortunately, traffic accidents due to a motorist’s reckless behavior can also lead to fatalities in some cases. Fortunately, North Carolina auto collision victims can seek help from experienced Charlotte car accident lawyers to compensate for their losses.

Numerous factors can predispose road users to various types of traffic collisions. The most common culprits include distracted driving, DUI, running red lights, etc. Speeding is another common factor responsible for some of the most severe accidents.

However, many drivers don’t realize that driving too slow can cause serious crashes. Sometimes, they’re as dangerous as speeding-related auto collisions. This article discusses the dangers of driving too slowly on North Carolina roads. We’ll also let you in on how to avoid being in a slow-speed accident in Charlotte, NC.

Is Driving Too Slowly Dangerous? 

Like speeding, driving below the speed limits in North Carolina can be extremely dangerous. Motorists who drive too slowly can get a ticket. That’s because North Carolina laws prohibit slow driving that impedes normal and reasonable traffic flow. In addition, you can only legally drive below North Carolina’s speed limit for safety reasons or comply with another law.

Driving too slowly does not only impede traffic flow, it frustrates other drivers on the road and gets them confused. That’s especially when every other motorist is driving at regular speeds. As a result, they are one of the most common causes of rear-end collisions. In other cases, they may be responsible for multi-vehicle accidents.

Common Types of Slow Drivers in Charlotte, NC 

The following types of drivers are prone to slow-driving at the highway:

  • Distracted Drivers 

Distracted drivers cause some of the most dangerous road crashes ever. Apart from inattention, doing something else while driving may make you lower your speeds dangerously. In such situations, faster drivers cannot predict the distracted motorist’s speed. As such, they may need to make dangerous maneuvers around the slow driver to continue their journey.

  • Older Adult Motorists 

Senior citizen drivers will typically drive slowly due to conditions associated with aging. For example, they may have poor vision, stiff joints, and other physical health conditions impede their driving. Again, aging typically affects a driver’s reaction time. As such, they may try to be extra cautious on the highway by driving too slowly.

  • New Drivers 

Driving on highways can be an intimidating venture for first-time motorists. As such, they may not be able to pick up with other motorists’ speed as they merge with traffic. When they don’t cause auto crashes, their slow driving can frustrate other motorists and lead to road rage.

  • Tourists 

Locations with tourist attractions or impressive edifices are typically prone to slow-driving accidents. That’s because tourists and other new drivers to the site may slow down to admire the landmarks.

When Is It Okay To Drive Slowly? 

Driving slowly isn’t always bad. It all depends on the prevailing situations surrounding the driver’s movement. The law expects motorists to slow down in these situations:

  • During adverse climatic conditions like heavy rain and fogs
  • When there are animals or obstacles on the road
  • Around school buses and places where children are present
  • When the road traffic is slow
  • Around railroad tracks

How To Deal Safely With Slow Drivers 

Dealing with slow drivers on North Carolina’s highways can be frustrating. However, you can manage the situation and keep safe by taking these steps:

  • Avoid getting angry due to a slow driver’s actions. Road rage will only complicate matters. Instead, make a signal to alert them of their dangerous driving. Sometimes, slow motorists aren’t aware that they’re causing problems on the road.
  • If you want to overtake, don’t do so on the wrong side or when it’s too risky.
  • In some conditions, it’s best to adjust to their speeds and keep moving. That’s especially if you’re already close to your destination.

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