DUI in Georgia Statistics

DUI in Georgia

 About one in three road deaths in the United States involve a driver who is under the influence. Driving while drunk is illegal across the country. Despite the damaging effects of drunk driving and strategies to control it, it continues in Atlanta, GA. Between 2003 and 2012, 3,699 people were killed in car wrecks involving a drunk driver in GA. There are strict laws against DUI in Georgia. It is unlawful for drivers of all ages to drive with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher. People operating commercial vehicles should have levels below 0.04%. Drivers under 21 must have a BAC under 0.02%.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention only provide drunk driving data up to 2012. In that year, 1.4% of GA adults reported driving after drinking too much in the previous 30 days. Georgia had a drunk driving death rate of 3.0. The majority of the victims were between the ages of 21 and 34. Males had a death rate of 4.9 while females had a rate of 1.2.

How A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help with DUI in Georgia

Although some states have even higher levels, DUI in Georgia is clearly a problem. There is, however, some good news if you or someone you love gets hurt in a car accident. You can take legal action against an individual DUI in Georgia who caused harm. When a drunk driver hits a vehicle or pedestrian, claims can be made against him by the injured parties. This can include medical bill payments, lost wages and pain/suffering caused. An injured person can claim punitive damages under DUI in Georgia laws.

Individuals who drive while intoxicated put the lives of other motorists and pedestrians at risk. They also risk their own wellbeing. They should, therefore, be made to pay for this. To get maximum compensation talking to an Atlanta car accident lawyer would be helpful. If you suspect you were in hit by a drunk driver, you can help your case.

What to Do Following a DUI in Georgia

Doing the following can get you the maximum payout for injuries and losses.

  1. Call the cops after the accident. This should be the first thing you do if you are in a position to do so. Notifying them ensures you get an accident report. This is needed when filing an insurance claim or lawsuit against the drunk driver. Failure to do this means you will lack a crucial piece of evidence.
  2. Cooperate with the police. Police officers will ask questions about the accident. Be factual with details. Accidents can arouse a lot of emotions but try not to exaggerate events.
  3. Collect information. If you can, get the drunk driver’s contact details and insurance information. Also, collect witness information and accident scene photos. Take note of your injuries. Get the accident report claim number from the police. It shows the correct time of the accident, weather conditions, your condition, the driver’s condition and so on.
  4. Head to the hospital. You should get yourself checked after the accident even if you feel okay. Some injuries take hours or days before they are noticed. A medical report will help when you seek the maximum compensation for injuries.
  5. Seek the services of car wreck attorneys. Do not contact the insurance company about your accident. Talk to a car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney first. Engaging a car wreck attorney will give you the best chance of getting appropriate compensation. The lawyer will do thorough investigations about the accident while you focus on recovery.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer Immediately

Even if the driver who caused your injuries is found guilty of a DUI you get nothing. A criminal conviction doesn’t get you any compensation. That is why you need to file a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit. You have two years to file a claim. Your case may be just what is needed to deter the drunk driver from endangering people’s lives again. The sooner you contact car wreck attorneys

As you choose your car wreck attorney, contact Ted A. Greve & Associates for a free consultation. Our lawyers will take you through your possible case and advise how we can help. We have the experience necessary to ably represent you after your accident caused by a drunk driver. We will work to help you get the maximum settlement you deserve for injuries and losses. Call us today and we will start on your case immediately!