Hands-Free Law in Georgia

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Lawmakers in Georgia have issued a new Bill that requires drivers to use hands-free technology. This law prohibits the use of cell phones and other electronic devices while driving. The hands-free law in Georgia has come under a bit of attack from those who think this allows the government to overstep their boundaries. However, many people are happy because it means less distracted drivers.

Understanding what hands-free means in Georgia can be difficult. Furthermore, making sure that you follow the hands-free law can be equally as challenging. This is more difficult now that laws are changing. Understanding how they work can make a big difference when you are pulled over and charged with disobeying these laws. If you are facing charges against the hands-free law in Georgia, it is important to find a car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA to represent you and help you through your claim.

What is prohibited by the hands-free law in Georgia?

There are several prohibited actions under the new hands-free law in Georgia. Sometimes even the law enforcement officer who pulled you over will not understand what is actually prohibited with this law. A car accident lawyer will be able to help you if this is the case. Some of the prohibited items and actions based on this new House Bill include:

  • Supporting or holding, regardless of body part, a wireless communications device or any other stand-alone electronic device. This includes things like an iPod, cellphone, or tablet.
  • Writing, reading, or sending of any text-based communication. This can include internet data, e-mail, instant messaging, and text messages.
  • Reaching for a device if it means that you are not going to be seated when you do it.
  • Watching a movie or a video on a device. There are exclusions for those who are using a GPS or a mapping app to help them properly navigate.
  • Recording a video while you are driving.

If you have been pulled over for any of these and are facing charges, it is important to talk to a car accident lawyer right away to help with your case. They will be able to create a defense that benefits you and can represent you during all parts of the case.

What is allowed by the hands-free law in Georgia?

As a driver, you may be curious about what you are allowed to use while driving. Are you able to use your radio, GPS, or make phone calls? There are a few things that you can do with the hands-free law in Georgia. Understanding what these are can help you and your car accident lawyer with your case. Activities that are allowed while you drive include:

  • Speaking and texting as long as you are using technology that is hands-free.
  • Using a mapping app or a GPS system to help you navigate.
  • Using CB radios, regular radios, amateur ham radios, in vehicle security, remote diagnostics systems, and commercial two-way radios.

Exceptions to the Hands-Free Law

There are some instance when you are able to handle an electronic device while you are driving. These include when you need to report a traffic accident, fire, crime, hazardous road condition, or medical emergency. Also, you can use your hands with a phone as long as you are lawfully parked, which does not mean parked at a stoplight or stop sign.

In addition, if you have an official profession such as police officers, firefighters, ambulance drivers, or medical personnel, you are provided exemption. This exemption only extends if you are using your electronic device to perform job duties.

If any of the above pertain to your situation, and you are charged with breaking the law, then it is time to talk to a car accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. Your car accident lawyer will be able to come up with a defense for you.  They can also explain why you were using your hands on these devices at the time.

If you have been pulled over and are facing charges against the hands-free law in Georgia, talk to an Atlanta car accident attorney. Our team at Ted A. Greve and Associates is here to help when you need a car accident lawyer. Contact us today to get started.