Filing Personal Injury Claims on Behalf of Children in Atlanta, GA

Filing Child Injury Claim Atlanta, GA

One of the most difficult times as a parent can be when your child receives injuries in an accident. Seeing your child in all that pain and suffering can be really stressful. This is especially so if the accident that caused harm to your child did not have to occur. You’re likely to be extremely angry at the party at fault and would like them held liable. If this is the case, you should talk a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA. As an adult, if you’re in an accident caused by a negligent party you can seek compensation for your injuries. The same applies to children, who the law defines as minors below the age of 18.  Children are however not allowed to file lawsuits seeking damages independently. The only way they can get compensated is if their parent files a lawsuit on their behalf.  If the child has no parents, their legal guardian can file a child injury claim for them.

How to File a Child Injury Claim in Atlanta, GA

Should you decide to go after the negligent person whose actions caused your child’s injuries, you will need a lawyer. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help you file two separate claims. One to get you as the parent compensated and the other to compensate the injured child.  You have two years to file a lawsuit on behalf of your child from the date they received their injuries. The law also allows a child to file a lawsuit by themselves when they are 18. Once they turn 18, they have two years to seek damages for injuries sustained in an accident. It is, however, advisable that you file a child injury claim immediately. Delaying this could mean your child loses their right to get compensated for injuries. The court will likely dismiss any claim made after the two-year period. Evidence may no longer be available  or witnesses may move. This would severely impair your chances of recovering damages.

How a Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta Can Help in a Child Injury Claim

If your child received serious injuries in an accident you might incur huge medical costs to get the proper treatment. As a parent, you are responsible for paying these bills and serious child injuries can strain your finances. You might also have to take time off work to look after them as they recover. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help you recover damages that you and your child suffer. Compensation can include reimbursement of medical expenses. That will include emergency treatment and costs for any future care necessary. If you are unable to work because you’re taking care of your child, wages lost may be recoverable with your claim. Other damages your lawyer may ask for include pain and suffering, disfigurement, permanent disability, and mental anguish. The attorney will advise on which claims the parent or child can make.

What an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Will Tell You about Child Injury Claim Settlements

Should your child receive damages, the compensation is usually deposited into a bank account which earns interest. The account should be held in trust by the child’s guardian until they are 18 years old. Some of the money awarded may be used by the child’s parent or guardian in the interim. This use must, however, be approved by a court and be for a specific purpose. This is to ensure the child’s settlement is used for the right purposes. The money could be used for current or future medical costs, for example.

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Your child could be injured due to many circumstances. It could be a dog bite, slip and fall, medical malpractice or drowning. The list is long. Most of the circumstances can be avoided if people were not negligent. If you want to file a personal injury claim on behalf of your child following an accident, talk to us. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers know how devastating it can be for a family when a child is injured. We will assess your child’s injuries and listen to what happened and will then advise on how best to file your claims. We will also put all our effort to get your child the maximum compensation for their injuries. Call us today and take advantage of our free consultations. We will also not charge you anything until we get you compensated for your child’s injuries.