Premises Liability Law in Georgia

Premises Liability Law Atlanta, GA

The premises liability law in Atlanta, GA requires property owners to ensure people who enter their property are safe. If they fail to guarantee the safety of those on their property, they could face a lawsuit. Individuals who sustained injuries due to the property owner’s negligence can seek damages. If you received an injury while at a restaurant, hotel or any other property talk to an attorney. An Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney will get you compensation from the property owner who failed to ensure your safety. Your status on the property will, however, determine if you have a valid case. Under the premises liability law, your status while on a property can be an invitee, a licensee, or a trespasser.

Statuses Identified Under Premises Liability Law

An invitee is a person who has been granted permission to enter a property by the owner. This can be a friend, relative, neighbor or customer at a business. When allowing persons into their property, the owner should exercise reasonable care and make the area safe for them. For example, the owner of a restaurant if a worker is mopping the floor. Should they not do this, you can claim damages if you slip and fall due to the wet floor.

A licensee could be a salesman or deliveryman. The owner allows these individuals onto the property for specific purposes. The owner has also to exercise reasonable care to keep them safe. If there are dogs on the property, the owner should warn the licensee about them so they can be cautious.

A trespasser is an individual who is on a property without permission from the owner. Because they have not been invited there, the owner has no duty to protect them. A thief, for example, cannot ask for compensation from a business owner if they injure themselves during a robbery.

For an invitee or licensee to get damages for injuries they must show negligence on the property owner’s part. Negligence means the owner didn’t exercise reasonable care in connection with the property.

Which Common Premises Liability Cases Can an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Take On?

Slip and Fall

 These are the most common premises liability cases a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA will deal with. Slip and falls can occur at a business or someone’s home. Wet or greasy floors, ice on walkways or loose carpets can cause these accidents. Depending on where a slip and fall accident occurs, the victim can seek compensation from a landlord, homeowner or retailer. A business franchisee or government entity can also be asked to pay for injuries. If they failed to keep premises safe for tenants or customers, they should be held accountable

Dog Bites

These occur when a dog owner’s negligence causes their dog to attack someone. Dog bites can cause trauma and leave you scarred for life. The dog owner should compensate you for the pain and suffering caused by injuries.

Inadequate Security

Hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, and restaurants must have enough security to guard their property. If someone is hurt or killed due to bad security, a premises liability case can be brought against the owner. A victim only needs to prove the property owner didn’t take reasonable steps to ensure their safety.

Swimming Pool Accidents

A pool should have trained lifeguards and barriers to prevent easy access. Failing this, and someone drowns, an Atlanta personal injury attorney can help you file a premise liability lawsuit.

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, GA to Know More on Premises Liability Law

At Ted A. Greve & Associates we have the experience to help you with your premises liability case. Call us if you or a family member has suffered a slip and fall or a dog bite injury. We can also represent you if you were in any type of accident while patronizing a property. Our Atlanta personal injury attorney will not charge you anything for consultations. Premises liability cases are won by proving a property owner’s negligence caused you to get hurt.  We will investigate your accident and find evidence of this. Once we do this we will seek compensation for pain and suffering, wages lost and medical expenses. If your injuries are serious we can also ask for lost future earnings and lost quality of life. Talk to us today and let us handle your case as you recover.