The Importance of Obtaining a Copy of the Police Accident Report

Police Accident Report Importance Atlanta, GA

An Augusta car accident lawyer will tell you a police accident report is a vital document.  It can determine if you win a personal injury case following a car accident. That is why one of the first things you should do after an accident is to call the police. The police should come to the accident scene and gather information to write an accident report. To write the report, the officers will among other tasks:

  • Talk to the drivers involved in the crash
  • Record statements from witnesses of the accident
  • Assess car and property damage
  • Take photos of the accident scene

Getting the police to the scene of your accident is important even if you deem the accident minor. Some accidents may seem small but you could have sustained serious injuries that don’t show immediately after the accident. Brain and back injuries can show up days after your accident. To get compensation for this, you will need a police report to help prove the accident indeed caused your injuries.

What an Augusta Car Accident Attorney Will Look For In a Police Accident Report

If you decide to seek damages from a negligent driver you will need a car accident lawyer in Augusta. The lawyer will have to obtain the police report on your accident. The report will help them determine if you have a valid case against the party at fault.  The police accident report will contain:

  • The time, date and area the accident occurred.
  • The statements and contact information of the drivers, their passengers, and witnesses.
  • The description of visible injuries on the drivers or passengers.
  • The police officers’ narrative of accident details and opinion of what caused it. He could list contributory factors such as driver was speeding or talking on the phone.
  • The diagram of the accident scene and point of impact on vehicles involved in the crash.
  • The road and weather conditions when the accident happened.
  • The damage to property and vehicles.
  • The picture of the accident scene, damage to vehicles and injuries sustained.
  • The ticket issued to either driver after the accident.

To get a copy of your car accident report you can simply download it online. You can do this from BuyCrash.You will be charged about $11 to obtain the report. To find it easily, have the date of the accident and your Vehicle Identification Number at hand. You can also get a copy of the report from the police department in Augusta. 

Why a Car Accident Lawyer in Augusta Will Need Your Police Accident Report

A police accident report will have a lot of information about your accident. Your Augusta car accident attorney can use it to prove the driver who caused the accident is guilty. With the police report, your attorney can approach the negligent driver’s insurance company for negotiations on a settlement.

Before starting negotiations, an insurance adjuster will also have to get a copy of the police accident report. Once they go through it, they will decide how to handle your personal injury claim. An insurance adjuster is unlikely to argue with a police report that indicates that their client is liable. The police officer was at the accident scene and will likely offer an unbiased opinion on the accident’s cause. Witness statements on what happened and the injuries they saw could also persuade the insurance company to settle quickly.

With a police accident report which is in your favor, the chances of getting a good settlement are higher. Together with a medical report, a police accident report can make your claim fast and uncomplicated. You should note that if you don’t get a settlement, you would have to go to court to get compensation. The police accident report may not be admissible at trial. The police officer who did the report may, however, be called to testify regarding the accident.

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