Personal Injury Claims Involving Children in Augusta, GA

Personal Injury Child Claim Augusta, GA

Should your child be involved in an accident caused by a negligent person, you should file a lawsuit against them. With the help of a personal injury attorney in Augusta, you can get compensation from them for your child’s injuries. Your child’s injuries can cause you to be under a lot of stress. Seeing them suffering can be unbearable. On top of your emotional pain, your finances may be drained pretty fast. Seeking damages from the party at fault can help reduce your family’s burden after your child’s incident.

A personal injury claim will help you get funds to better take care of your injured child. If you get compensated, you can easily take care of your child’s treatment costs. You can also pay for extra tuition to help them catch up with the rest of the class once recovered. If the child was attacked by a dog, they may be traumatized. With damages awarded you can pay for their counseling. For these reasons, if you believe you have a valid child personal injury claim you should pursue it. 

What Are the Most Common Child Injuries Handled by an Augusta Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury attorneys in Augusta, GA can help you file a claim for several cases involving children.

Child Injuries Caused by Toys

Defective or unsafe toys can cause harm to your child. A toddler may choke or get other physical injuries while playing with defective toys. If this happens, the first thing you should do is get your child to a hospital. You should explain to the doctor what the child was doing when the injury occurred. The doctor will add this information to the medical report. It can help your case if you decide to sue the manufacturers of the defective toy. This type of child personal injury case is very common in Augusta, GA.

School or Daycare Accidents

Children injure themselves all the time while in school. However, at times they can be seriously injured because of a staff member’s negligence. Should this happen to your child you should talk to the school or daycare management about it. Also, begin collecting any evidence that would help your child personal injury case should you choose to file one. Take photos of the child’s injuries and those of the accident scene. Get contact details for potential witness and the name of the staff member on duty when the accident occurred. When you take your child to see a doctor, keep all records of medical costs.

Public Playground Accidents 

If a property owner maintains a public space poorly, your child may be injured while there. You can sue the owner for causing harm to your child with the dangerous conditions on their property.  In this case, you have to show the owner failed in their responsibility to ensure the safety of your child.

Birth Injuries

A child can suffer injuries during what should be the happiest moment for parents: their birth. Negligent medics can cause your child to suffer anything from spinal cord damage to hip injuries. Poor management of the mother’s pregnancy by doctors can also lead to brain damage. This type of injury can be particularly difficult for a parent to handle. That’s why you need an Augusta personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will know how to get evidence of negligence and help you hold to account those at fault.

They are other personal injury claims involving children. They can be swimming pool accidents, sports accidents, burns, school bus accidents or medical mistakes. For a child personal injury case assessment talk to a lawyer at Ted A. Greve & Associates. 

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Has your child been injured due to someone’s negligence? Get in touch with our personal injury attorneys Augusta GA. Since your child is below 18 years old they are considered a minor and cannot file a personal injury lawsuit. You will, therefore, have to do it on their behalf. Our lawyers will talk you through all you need to know about personal injury claims involving children in Augusta, GA. We will then work with you to get your son or daughter the maximum compensation for their injuries. Our lawyers have handled numerous child injuries cases and are up to the task should you hire us to help you. We know your child being in an accident through no fault of their own is stressful. We will, therefore, try our best to get you compensated in the shortest time possible. So you can focus on the child’s recovery.