How to Prove Fault in an Atlanta T-Bone Car Accident

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T-bone accidents are more common than you think. A driver may run a light or a stop sign, causing a T-bone accident with injuries and property damages. T-bone accidents account for approximately 8500 to 10,000 deaths a year and even more injuries.

These types of accidents are usually severe with injuries that are life-threatening. You may be a victim of a T-bone accident and need the help of an Atlanta auto accident attorney. While you may think that in T-bone accidents is always the fault of another driver, this is not always the case when trying to reach a settlement offer.

Atlanta, GA, has a proportional comparative law that determines the fault of both drivers. While Georgia is an at-fault state, allowing you to collect compensation from the driver that hit you, you may be partially at fault for your car accident.

When insurance companies and courts of law determine settlement amounts, they look at the percentage of fault of both drivers in a car accident. Your percentage of fault can reduce your overall settlement award.

For example; if you were 10 percent at fault for a T-bone accident, the insurance company or a court of law will reduce this from your total settlement award. If the maximum settlement in your case was $20,000, you would only receive $16,000 because you were 10 percent at fault for the accident.

Having Atlanta car wreck attorneys on your side during T-bone accidents can help. They can prove the negligence of another driver. They will work to keep your percentage of fault to a minimum and allow you to receive the maximum compensation possible in your case.

Because of the proportional comparative laws in Atlanta, GA, it’s necessary to have an auto accident attorney on your side. It is key to your case to prove the majority of fault is with the other driver in a T-bone case. Without a strong case, you will receive a lower settlement award, which will not cover your losses from the car accident.

Do I Need the Help of Atlanta Car Wreck Attorneys?

You can work with an insurance company on your own to reach a settlement offer, but you may not receive fair compensation in your case. Your Atlanta auto accident attorney knows what a fair settlement offer for your injuries and property damages are in your case.

Letting an insurance company dictate the amount of compensation they provide is not fair to you. Insurance companies are notoriously looking to settle a car accident claim quickly and at the lowest compensation possible. They may pressure you to take a settlement offer that is not fair for your injuries and vehicle damages.

When you work with Atlanta car wreck attorneys, they can determine when a fair settlement has been reached. They will represent you with an insurance company and work on your behalf to achieve a fair settlement.

T-bone accidents are no different; they deserve compensation when another driver is to blame for your damages. Your Atlanta auto accident attorney will fight for your legal rights and get you the compensation you deserve.If a fair settlement cannot be reached, your attorneys may recommend that you take your case to court. Here, a jury will determine your settlement award, which is often higher than what an insurance company offered.

Your Atlanta car wreck attorneys are there to provide you with legal guidance all throughout your car accident case. They will represent you in court and fight to win your injury or property damage claims. They will get you fair compensation so you can recover from your car accident.

You do not have to take the burden of paying high medical bills and lost wages from work. You can recover what you are owed, and an Atlanta auto accident attorney can help. Let your Atlanta car wreck attorneys work for you. They will win your case and allow you to receive the settlement you deserve for your car accident case.

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