High Point

High Point

High Point, North Carolina is a unique city in a number of ways. It is the only city in the state to extend into four counties, and it is home to unconventional attractions—especially involving furniture. However, this uniqueness doesn’t exempt High Point from personal injury and wrongful death incidents that mar many lives. If you’re of those who suffer from such incidents, you need the help of a good attorney.

With over 20 years of successful experience, Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. provides highly competent personal injury representation all across High Point, North Carolina. Our firm’s lawyers and legal team have handled even the most complicated cases, winning maximum compensation on behalf of our clients. We treat each client with utmost compassion, which is why we aggressively fight for each case as if it were our own.

Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A. can help you win your claim in cases such as:

Car Accidents

In North Carolina, there were 1,140 fatal traffic accidents reported in 2011, most of which involved passenger cars. Car crashes often turn out to be another driver’s fault, as in cases of drunk driving or traffic violations, but there are other factors to be considered like defective car parts or dangerous roads. A lawyer can help determine the liability and get you justly paid for your injury.

Truck Accidents

Several interstates and major highways pass through High Point, making it open to transport trucks and other large vehicles travelling long distances. Factors such as driver fatigue, overloading, and defective tires are common causes of truck accidents. These can cause massive damage, grave injuries, and fatalities, and as a victim, you deserve to be compensated for these.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Up to 16,000 deaths and numerous injuries are caused yearly by simple slips and trips. If you were injured because of an unsafe condition on someone else’s property – like a slippery supermarket floor or a hazardous parking space – it can be considered a slip and fall case. The property owner may be held liable and you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Workers’ Compensation

Though the furniture industry takes the spotlight in High Point, the city has a varied range of businesses and employers. If your job has caused you a health issue or if you were injured at your workplace, you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation. This benefit should be provided by your employer, and is meant to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and even rehabilitation costs.

Social Security Disability

People who have been disabled and therefore cannot work for a living are entitled to social security disability compensation. This is meant to help provide for their needs, but the process of application is usually so grueling that their applications get rejected. Let us handle this process for you so you can be compensated fairly.

Bad Product/Bad Drug

If your prescription drug has brought out harmful side effects or reactions, your health provider or the drug manufacturer may be liable. A case of bad product/bad drug can fall under medical malpractice, negligence, or pharmaceutical injury. In any of these, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the injury the drug has caused you.

Head or Spine Injury

Injuries to the head or spine produce life-altering changes and devastation for many people. As many 51,000 Americans die because of such injuries, and up to 30 percent of those who survive suffer lifelong consequences. These injuries result from trauma-causing accidents or medical procedures gone wrong, so it’s definitely best to pinpoint the party liable and get compensated.

Wrongful Death

In a bustling city like High Point, many incidents can cause wrongful deaths. If someone in your family has died because of another person’s fault, you can seek compensation for your losses. These include economic loss such as medical and funeral costs, and non-economic loss like emotional suffering. Talk to us to get legal help in this time of grief.

Hospitals and Medical Centers in High Point, North Carolina

Your first priority when an injury happens should be to seek medical help. It could save you from long-term damage and greater expenses later on. These are some of the medical institutions in High Point that you can call:

  • High Point Regional Hospital – 601 N Elm St, High Point, NC 27262 / (336) 878-6000
  • Cone Health MedCenter – 2630 Willard Dairy Rd, High Point, NC 27265 / (336) 884-3777
  • Doctors Express – 1231 Eastchester Dr #120, High Point, NC 27265/ (336) 884-4050

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About High Point, North Carolina

Dubbed as the “Furniture Capital of the World”, the city of High Point, North Carolina is known for its semi-annual High Point Market, which attracts 100,000 participants from the international furniture industry. The city also boasts attractions such as the World’s Largest Chest of Drawers and several museums. Located in Guilford, Davidson, Forsyth, and Randolph counties, High Point has a land area of 94.7 square miles and a 2010 population of 104,371.