Am I Legally Required to Hire a Lawyer to Handle my Atlanta Car Accident Case?

Atlanta Car Accident Case

When it comes to filing a car accident insurance claim, most people can handle it themselves. They contact their insurance company and let them know what happened. They’ll contact the other driver’s insurance company and try to sort out who was at fault. If all goes well, they’ll work it out and your claim will be approved. If this is the case, you’ll receive your check within a week or two. There are times, however, when your claim will be denied.  If your claim is denied, you may need to take legal action and start an Atlanta car accident case.

If this happens, you have a choice to make. You can try to do it yourself or you can think about hiring an experienced auto wreck lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia.

There is no law or rule that says you need to hire a lawyer. You have every right to handle your own car accident case. You just need to think about how important it is to you. If your claim is small, you may want to handle it yourself. You can file an appeal and hope for the best. Or, you can contact an experienced car accident lawyer and they can handle it for you. With so much at stake, this is an important decision to make.

Your Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Will Negotiate with the Insurance Company

One of the hardest things to do after your car accident is dealing with the insurance company. When you don’t have a lawyer, there’s always the chance that your claim will be put on the back burner. This is even more likely if your claim is denied. The insurance adjuster isn’t going to take you as seriously as they would if you have a car accident lawyer.

Once the insurance adjustor learns that you’ve retained a car accident lawyer in Atlanta, they’ll take you more seriously. They’ll start returning phone calls and emails. They’ll be more likely to negotiate payment of your claim. For example, if your claim was denied because you failed to submit certain paperwork, your lawyer can take care of this for you. Instead of letting your claim drag along, your attorney will make sure it’s handled properly from the start.

Your Attorney Understands the Legal Process

Chances are, if your claim isn’t approved within a few weeks, the insurance company has no intentions of paying it. This means you’re going to need to file a car accident lawsuit. This can be intimidating for someone to do on their own. Especially considering that if you miss a form or make a simple mistake, you can jeopardize your chances of getting paid.

Your Atlanta car accident lawyer knows how the courts work. They know what forms need to be filed initially. They also understand who to serve, how many copies to make and what filing fees need to be paid. Once the suit is filed, they’ll work with the defendant’s lawyer to settle your case. This is something they have a lot of experience with. The insurance adjuster is going to take your attorney’s efforts at settling the case a lot more seriously than you.

Your Atlanta car accident lawyer will fight to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Some of the damages they’ll demand include the following:

  • Medical bills and future medical bills
  • Lost wages and lost future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • property damage

Your lawyer knows what it takes to prove your damages. They have a much better chance of doing this than you would on your own.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia Today

If you’re injured in any sort of motor vehicle accident, you’ll have some decisions to make. You need to decide whether you want to handle your claim on your own or if you need help. Experienced car accident lawyers know what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve. They also have a lot of experience dealing with insurance adjusters.

While you’re not required to call a lawyer, they can certainly be helpful. Call today and schedule your initial consultation. It’s absolutely free and you pay nothing until you settle your case.