How Can a Workers Comp Attorney Help if I Was Hurt at Work in Georgia and My Employer is Uninsured?

It’s understandable for any employee to feel worried once they realize that their employer has not obtained workers comp insurance. If you have been hurt at work, you may have to undergo expensive treatments in Atlanta, GA. With the possibility of income loss and increased medical expenses, you will definitely need timely workers comp payments.

To realize that your employer has not taken steps to provide for your compensation can be disappointing and confusing. Georgia laws require for all employers in Atlanta, GA to secure workers compensation for all qualified employees. After being hurt at work, it is important that you get what you rightfully deserve. Consult and work with a workers comp attorney in Georgia today.

From a Workers Comp Attorney: Workers Compensation Laws for those Hurt at Work in Atlanta, GA

Anyone who has an injury at work in Georgia deserves proper and fair compensation. This is a mandate for all employers including sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, and corporations.

An Atlanta workers compensation lawyer will emphasize this state-wide law, applicable even to companies that have at least three workers. In fact, a company hiring sub-contracted employees can be liable for payments if the subcontractor does not have coverage.

Hurt at Work: Making Your Employer in Atlanta, GA Pay for Compensation

A careful evaluation of your situation is important when seeking for claims payments from an uninsured employer. You may do this on your own or with the help of an Atlanta workers compensation lawyer. Navigating through various compensation laws can be daunting, and the assistance of a workers comp attorney will be most useful. When injured at work, you need all the legal help possible to secure your claim.

One reason that your employer may not have workers comp insurance is that they may have opted to self-insure instead. In Georgia, there are certain exemptions to the strict mandate of companies to secure coverage for their employees. Businesses may seek for the approval to secure insurance from a commercial provider instead. Your Atlanta workers compensation lawyer may advise that you look into this. It is possible that your employer may have insurance, but this insurance is obtained from a third-party commercial provider.

Another exception which your workers’ comp attorney may discuss with you focuses on business partners and sole proprietorships. Since the law considers partners and sole proprietors as employers, they may be exempt from the rule.

If a company is not exempt, they have to carry insurance for employees who have injuries at work. Your Atlanta workers compensation lawyer will inform you that certain sanctions await employers who violate this state rule.

Getting Help from an Atlanta Workers Compensation Lawyer

A workers comp attorney can help you in going after an employer who has failed to obtain workers compensation coverage. Under Georgia laws, your employer can still be responsible for workers compensation even after failing to secure coverage.

Georgia’s State Board of Workers’ Compensation will also ascertain the viability of additional penalties. Included in these penalties are a mandatory increase on your compensation and payment of fees for your workers comp attorney. With the help of an Atlanta workers compensation lawyer, getting compensation from an uninsured employer is still possible.

Talk to an Atlanta Workers Compensation Lawyer at Ted A. Greve & Associates

Hurt at work and in need of an approved workers comp claim? The law in Georgia mandates all employers, except those who have qualified for self-insurance, to obtain workers comp insurance.

If you have met the qualifications for workers comp claim in Atlanta, GA, you have the entitlement to receive it.

Regardless of the company being self-insured or uninsured, compensation payments should send to a qualified claimant. You can seek help from a workers comp attorney.

If you fear that your uninsured employer will not be able to handle your claims, we are here to help. Our Atlanta workers compensation lawyer is willing to look into your case and provide you with an honest evaluation.  Contact us at Ted A. Greve today to speak with a workers comp attorney.